There are many hidden eateries located along the Jalan Yap Kwan Seng so sometimes it just takes a little effort to try as much as you can to unearth a hidden gem, and 1919 Restaurant can be considered one of them.The restaurant which gives me a homely feel with the old style furniture view is definate one place which is worth to visit for a good affordable meals with family and friends. “The restaurant do gives a homely feel where the some of the food ingredient hails all the way from Ipoh itself” explained Roy, the restaurant owner. Some of the furnitures are own made and some brings all the way from Ipoh as well. The design of the restaurant itself also is being designed by Roy himself where he put his own ideas and elements in it to create a more homely ambience.1919 is also having their first outlet established in 1995 which is the 1919 Restaurant & Galleri in Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh

1919 restaurant serves the classic Southeast Asian cuisine and there is alwuys a history beneath the name of 1919 itself. Roy explained that the name of 1919 creates with a few stories behind. One of it is where it is the terms of numerical arrangement where 1 will be lowest while 9 is the highest and adding it both will be 10 which creates the meaning of “perfection” where Roy believes they would strives to archieve the perfection on their dishes as well. On the other hand, 1919 is laso mean the first year of peace after the first great world war marked the beginning in decade.

To keep the food authentic as possible, Roy is using some of its ingridients from Ipoh. One of the drinks which is being served here “Homemade Sour Plum” is specially brewed by his mum all the way from Ipoh. The deliciously made drinks is just superb and it is refreshing. I just fall in love with it.
Price: RM 5.90

The 1919 Special Tofu captures my heart from the first munch. The home made special tofu which is added with their special sauce from the fish extracts and wine is perfectly good. The tofu has a very smooth texture and you can find some jewels between which is the prawns adn asparagus on top. It is simply good and delicious and each spoonful of the tofu is just superb.
Price: RM 23.90

Philippines Eggplant is another item which is simply unique. They uses their special home made flour to coated the egg plant nicely (not too much) and it is then being deep fried. Light crispiness texture is just perfectly good and the added with the sweet and sour chili sauce, it had enhance the overall taste of eggplant.
Price: RM 11.90 – small / RM 22.90 – large

Stir-Fry Four-Angled Bean & Petai with Special Sauce is another creation by Roy as well. The creation by using blend mushroom stalk as well as garlic is just perfect with the crunchy fresh taste with it too.
Price: RM 15.90 – small / RM 26.90 – large

Their Thai Style Siced Fish is also perfectly done. with the ladyfingers, tomatoes, egg plants and also the sliced fish together with it, the dish is perfectly delicious. Each pieces of fish is simply fresh with the light soury taste added together with it is just perfect.
Price: Seasonal Price

Kerabu with Yam Basket is also one of the signatures here at 1919 Restaurant. The dish is prepared creatively with the kerabu is being topped on top of the kerabu itself. The yam basket are wholly cooked in Ipoh and transported over all the way to serve the customer. The combination of the sour mango and cucumber is being well sliced and added with the condiments with it. Just perfectly done which I fall in love with it. The delights is simply special and it is definate a good item to get an order in their shop. Much recomended.
Price: RM 23.90 – small / RM 33.90 – large

Not only that, we are also being served with the delectable huge Asian tiger prawns (大 頭蝦) which is just superb. Cooked with soy sauce, ginger and garlic, the prawns which is being served are fresh as well as the sweetness and filled with the abundant of juiciness in it is just perfect.
Price: Seasonal

Egg Fried Chicken is one of my favorites too. According to Roy, he uses the best salted egg he can find to make the dish. When it is being served to the table, the smell of the delicious scent of salted egg is just perfect. The tender juicy chicken meat which is coated with the savory salted egg and other ingridients is just heavenly. The dish did not appear to be too salty and it is just nice to my tastebuds. But, the juiciness and the flavorful dish is just perfectly done.
Price: RM 16.90 – small / RM 37.90 – large

After the meal, we headed for the Chinese Pan Cake with Ice-Cream. The hot pan fried Chinese Pancake is served together with scopes of chocolate and mint ice cream. The desserts not to be missed here and the pancake is being brought over all the way from Ipoh to be served to us. It is just perfect and deliciously done.
Price: RM 31.90

The dine here is indeed a satisfying meal here with good food at affordable price. It is just a great dining experience here.

1919 Restaurant KL
No. 15A, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 9919
Business Hours: 11:30 a.m. till 3:00 p.m./ 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Ocassionaly closed on Saturday / Sunday lunch hours
Website: http://www.1919restaurants.com/
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/1919-Restaurant-KL/334264829917989?fref=ts


  1. eiyma says

    Hi Roy,
    would appreciate if you can tell me weather this is ‘HALAL’ food for the muslim? Going thru your menu it looks so tempting.

    Thank you

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