Thanks to Chun Mun for picking up us from our house early in the morning and we headed to the LCCT for this time. We arrived at the LCCT at we had all our checking in done in the counter as well as having the things checking in. We spend about 2 hours in the LCCT starbucks enjoying a cup of hot coffee to boost up our day when we are in Taipei.

– Our flight from Air Asia-

After a long wait, the plane had arrived finally. Here we are coming and going to the plane now before it departs to my long awaiting holiday. The journey to Taipei is about 4 1/2 hours where we had our sit in the middle of the Airbus.

-Our meal in the plane-

During the 4 1/2 journey, I had a light sleep as well as having Malaysia favorites in the flight. We ordered one of the popular order the Nasi Lemak from the flight itself which cost us RM 15.00 (inflight)and RM 10.00(booking with air ticket) . The nasi lemak comes with chicken rendang as well as ikan bilis with it. The meal turns out with a slight spiciness in it and the taste does taste good.  The serving is good enough for one and it is indeed good to have them when is too bored and hungry in the plane.

– Welcome to Taiwan by the Taiwan Tourism-

We had reached the Taipei Airport and we are welcome with a smile. A check on fever had also been done once we had arrived at the airport. We had then entered the Visa checking counter and hand our passport for checking as well.

– Passport Chopped-

Finally all done and we headed to collect our bags from the Bag Collection counter. We are all done and we make our Taiwan Simcards, getting some brochures where you can read about the details HERE

Here we go now with everything ready and take our bus to the Taipei Main Station. It is recommended to buy Easy card (a.k.a Touch & Go in Malaysia)  where you can save 20% of your ride with the Taipei MRT.  The first day for a BANANA like me is simply blur. I have been searching up and down for how to reach the hotel we book in Shida. It is at the Taipower building and the location is simply a good one for travel and most of all, the hotel is simply affordable. We are taking the bus to the Taipei main Station and the journey for the hop hop bus took us approximately 1 hour to the Taipei Main station.

We bought our Easy card and headed to take the Metro Line and we need to take the XinDian line to Taipower Main Station. And the charges is NTD $16 for the trip with Easy Card or NTD20 without Easy card. The duration of the MRT took us less than 10 minutes to the journey without any hassle and I can give them the KUDOS as their timing is really accurate and they are really in order while taking the MRT. The MRT is indeed give us a safe journey as there are CCTV inside as well. This is what you need if you are taking the MRT.

– The MRT rails-

As for the day, we are so tired on the flight and simply a short rest day for us. Let us recharge so we can have another day of enjoyment day. We had a short ride by the hotel owner to Xi Men as we are changing our rooms the 5 and 6 nights there.
– The Shop-
First day we went to
Ay-Chung Mien Sien (阿宗麵線) for our meals. The main outlet is located at Xi Men Ding where you can see there are lots of people queuing up and enjoying the noodles in front of the shop. Ay-Chung vermicelli (thin noodle) is opened since 1975 and the noodles is simply a silk-like thin noodle, stewed with large intestine and dried bonito of pleasant smell, sliced bamboo shoot, to be taken with a pinch of parsley, basil and Ay-Chung specially-made chilly sauce. The taste is kinda good and it is silky and flavourful.
-Ay-Chung Mien Sien (阿宗麵線)- 
Small: NTD 45.00

Big : NTD 60.00

阿宗麵線 (西門町) Ay Chung Ximending Flagship store Taipei
台北市萬華區峨嵋街8之1號‎  (Man Hua District, Er Mei Street 8 of #1)
Tel: 02-2620-9989‎
Other Outlet 阿宗麵線 (士林夜市) – Ay Chung Shihlin Night Market branch
台北市士林區文林路101巷24號1樓‎ Taipei City Shihlin District, Wen Lin Road 101 Alley, #24, 1st F
Tel: 02-2883-8058‎  

– The Stall-
Next we had the deep fried sausage in breadcrumbs which turns to be kinda special as well. The sausage is well deep fried with the breadcrumb till golden brown and it is served with the sweet sauce on top of it for flavouring. We had a small one where the sausage is being cut to half instead of full size sausage. You can see them at Xi Men Ding and there is many stalls selling them too.
– The deep fried breadcrumb sausage-


– The Sausages after a bite-
Small: NTD 25.00

Big : NTD 60.00

The day had ended as it started to rain. As so, we quickly held back to hotel.

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