Cornery Popcorn hailing all the way from Singapore had noow ended in Low Yatt Plaza where it is located just behind the Old Town White Coffee. In here, Cornery–The Popcorn Gallery is a stall allows patrons to watch popcorn being made right in front of them. The shop is clean and out and with the see-through glass, you can see how the popcorns are being made.

-Step by Step on Making Popcorns-

The fresh popcorns are packed upon confirmation of order and the packagings are purposefully designed to keep out ambient air which is highly humid in tropical countries. This time around, we get a chance to see how the popcorn are being made step by step. The whole process of coming out the fresh popcorn is taking about 20 minutes. We witness the making of the popcorn which is not a easy job too.

In Cornery, they have a few flavour of popcorn where it is divided into Candied and Savoury Popcorns. Candied Popcorns which includes Butterscoth, Caramel, Chocolate, Green Tea, Peanut and Bubble Gum. And at the savory side, you can get the cajun, cheddar Cheese, Tom yam, Wasabi and Sour Cream and Onion.

#1: Buttescotch
#2: Caramel
#3: Chocolate
#4: Peanut

For the candied popcorns, they are a few signatures to try off which includes the caramel, buttescotch, caramel and peanut. One of my favorites is their butterscotch and peanuts which is very well coated with the flavors.

#1: Chocolate
#3: Caramel
#4: Peanut
#5: Cheddar Cheese
#6: Wasabi
#7: Tomyam
#8: Sour Cream and Onions

For those who prefer some savory popcorns, they do have the savory side which you can find them here too with their spicy and yet flavorful tomyam, wasabi,cajun, cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion. Each of it has its own speciality to look for. For me, i love the tomyam which give a slight spicy combination. What I love with the popcorn here is they do not use any powder coating on their popcorn but yet the taste is there.

-Look at the Delicious Crunchy Candied Popcorns-

And what is so good about the popcorns in Cornery Popcorn? It is well coated with the caramel and it is freshly made in the shop itself

The popcorns are now available in 3 different sizes and you can mix and match with other popcorns as well. It is well sealed so the popcorn can last you around 2 weeks.

The price as below:
Single (Savory) : RM 5 (Grab) RM 7 (Regular) RM 14 ( Large)
Single (Candied) : RM 7 (Grab) RM 10 (Regular) RM 20 ( Large)
Mix (Savory) : RM 8 (Regular)(2 flavors) RM 15 ( Large) (2-3 flavors)
Mix (Candied) : RM 11 (Regular)(2 flavors) RM 21 ( Large) (2-3 flavors)
Mix (Candied & Savory) : RM 10 (Regular)(2 flavors) RM 20 ( Large) (2-3 flavors)

Plaza Low Yat, Lot LG-032B
(behind Old Town White Coffee)

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