Wat Chayamangkalaram (Thai: วัดไชยมังคลาราม) is a Siamese temple which was officially given its site by Queen Victoria in 1845. The temple itslef is an architecture house wih a 180-foot gold-plated statue of the reclining Buddha, Pra Buddhachaiya Mongkul – said to be one of the longest in the world. Behind the statue are countless niches with urns containing ashes of devotees. The reclining Buddha represents the historical Buddha at his death, with the name of Pra Buddhachaiya Mongkul which is a symbol to a complete peace and detachment from the world. You will be greeted by two statues right outside of the temple entrance. It is required to remove your shoes before entering the temple.

– The Front of the Temple-

– The reclining Buddha-

– The Outside of the Temple

The temple celebrates four important events, namely the Thai New Year, Wesak Day, Merit Making Day in July and the anniversary of the construction of the reclining Buddha. On these occasions, the temple is thronged with devotees burning joss-sticks and making offerings.

Admission Charges: FREE
Opening hours: 6.00am – 5:30pm Everyday
Location: Lorong Burmah, 10250 Penang
Contact:             016-4105115


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