New Johor MB Launched Johor’s Finest In Cuisine, Culture and Crafts In Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Delucca Kuala LumpurIf you’re a Klang Valley resident but craving for some authentic Johor food without the 300 odd kilometers and over three hour head start for lunch or dinner, then make your way to Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Celebrating the Citrawarna Malaysia 2013, the Hotel together with Johor State Tourism has organised an elaborate Johor Food & Cultural Festival 2013 from now until 3 June 2013.

Officiated by the State’s newly sworn-in 15th Menteri Besar, Permas state assembly man YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, the event is a fanfare of feast and festivities. Celebrity chef and Johor native, Chef Abdul Razak meticulously planned the array of offerings to include dishes from the yesteryears. We are also been entertained by the culturally rich State with their lively joget and zapin as well as a medley of Johor folk songs. These dances will be performed daily during lunch time and dinner time. Meanwhile, as eye candy the hotel lobby will be transformed into a mini Johor with displays of arts and crafts. Those interested may purchase them direct from these craft makers.

-Tafu Bakar-

– Kerabu Taugeh-

– Urap Pucuk Paku-

– Ulam-

– Ulam and the sauces-

“As Johor was a gateway for many travelers in the olden days, its dishes have influences of traders such as the Arabs as well as those from Maritime South East Asia”, explained Chef Abd Razak. And here you go with the variety chices of the savory Johorean Cuisine. The cuisine does comes well with so much of avariety to choose for. We started with some appetizers choices which includes otak otak, pecel jangnan, pepes, tafu bakar, murattabak johor, sambal goring jawa and many mre.

Besides the delicious appetizers, they do have Johorean hawker delights where they have the laksa johor stall as well as the mee bandung stall to try off. It is indeed a great one to try off in Zende as well.

– Some of the varieties-

– Some of the varieties-

– The variety of Otak Otak-

– Daging Kurma Merah-

– Paceri Nenas-

– Nasi Bryani-

– The Prawns-

– Daging Kurma Merah-

– Paru Jawa-

– Ayam Kuzi-

As for the mains, they do have a large variety to try off too. They have all the speciality from Johor which includes The Nasi Kambing Beth, Daging Rose, Paru Jawa, Deng Deng Goreng, Daging Kurma Merah, Asam Pedas Ikan, Ayam Ambeng, Ikan Pindang Jawa, Paceri Nenas, Botok Botok and more. Some of the items which I love here include the spicy sourish asam pedas as well as paceri nenas. The variety are many and it is


– Mini Tarts-

– Local Kuih-

– Mashmellow to accompanied with the chocolate fountain-

– Rojak-

– Pudding-

– Desserts-

Besides that, there are a large variety of desserts to try off as well. The desserts includsive the delighting Johorean varities. There have lots of delicious tantalizing Johorean delights where you can get the taste of the kuih sirat, bingka ubi, pisang salai, kuih dangai, som som gula Melaka, kuih dangai, gula Melaka, ice jelly, chendol durian and more.

It is indeed a wide selection of delighting Johorean food in their menu. It is indeed a great taste of meals there and I am totally amaze with the variety of the Johor selection.

The buffet lunch and dinner is available at Zende Restaurant from now until 3 June 2013 for RM68nett and RM78nett respectively. Reservations can be made at 03-4049 4351 or email a[email protected] or visit their website at

Hotel Seri Pacific Jalan Putra,
50350 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-4042 6555

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