Steamboat is always my favourite to go for especially during rainy days but it is always a few choices of steamboat soup which is simply conventional. This includes tom yam, clear soup and some maybe porridge base and more. But now, in Fruitaste they have something special to have here. Mr Henry Yap, the owner of Fruitaste brings us with a much more interesting steamboat which is the Fruit base steamboat.

My imagination goes wild when I get to know I am having the fruitbase steamboat. Will they have mango steamboat or the base is creamy style. Perhaps, my wild imagination goes wrong and here they served a nice fruit base steamboat which full with aroma of the fruits and there is something special to have with.

Mr Henry Yap had the idea of getting fruits into steamboat soup is indeed a new idea and something out of the box since many of us sometimes getting bored with the conventional steamboat. Since the family owns a large orchard, it will be an advantage for the restaurant to provide the fresh fruit base, juices and also steamboat items with more reasonable price to customer.

There are 2 types of fruit base soup by the name of Fruit Lover Base which is the Sweet & Sour (開胃酸甜水果鍋)as well as Fresh & Sweet (美白清爽水果鍋). Two fruit base soup which brings the different flavors where the Sweet & Sour which consists of starfruit and passion fruit, and Fresh & Sweet soup base which consists of apple and pineapple. Mr Henry explained hat, the soup base for both are being boiled with stocks for 6 hours and it is then being added with fruits and continue to boiled for roughly 10 minutes to extract the natural good flavours of fruits.

If you would like to have something normal, they do have the Original (清香高湯鍋) and Tomyam Style (泰式酸辣鍋)soup as well. For me, I love the fruit base soup and also the original base soup as it is very refreshing and special. The tomyam soup brings up the sourish and spiciness in it.

-The Standard Set Meal-

-Standard Set with Pomfret (RM49.90/ 2pax)-

-Standard Set with Pork Slices (RM39.90/ 2pax)-

-Standard Set with Pork Slices (RM39.90/ 2pax)-

The price for the set is reasonable as well where the standard set are priced at RM 16.80 per pax ( minimum 2 pax) . Diners can also add on with pork slices for RM39.90 or pomfrets for RM49.90.

The set is also being loaded with lots of fresh ingredients like stuffed fishballs in tofu, fu chok, fish balls, octopus, crab stick, prawns as well as abalone mushroom with it.Not only that, it comes with noodles and egg together in the set to filled up our tummy.

– Stuffed Beancurd (福袋)-

– Stuffed Beancurd (福袋)-

Well, if you love to add more items to your steamboat, there are plentiful of them to try off. We had the Stuffed Beancurd (福袋) where the homemade fish paste and mushroom meat paste are being stuffed in the beancurd and tied like a money bag.
Price: RM 4.90

Not only that, they do have lots fishballs in their menu as well. The varities of meatballs which includes flower veggie ball, pearl fish ball, UFO fish dumpling, fish birdnest veggie roll, prawn dumpling, fish stick, fish noodles

Pearl Fish Ball (珍珠丸 )bringing the bouncy texture of the fishball itself and I love it so much.

Fish Bird Nest Veggie Roll (燕窩魚菜卷) with the vegetable ingredients is also a good one.
Price: RM 4.90

Minced Pork Roll (黃金春卷), is one of the items which I love the most. Bringing me a homely flavored, the pork is well minced with the juicy texture as well as the crispy skin do impress me too.
Price: RM 7.90

Home Style Yong Tau Fu(家鄉創意釀豆腐) is something special here to try here at Fruitaste too. Not the usual Yong Tua Fu, the home made fish paste is being stuffed with the fruits filling and it is then being deep fried till crispiness. Some of the items which is in the stuffed yong tau fu includes mango, starfruits, pineapple and many more. The mouthful of the items is simply special and the combination is just great with the juiciness of the fruits juice splashes within our mouth. Just simply savoury.
Price: RM 1.20/ piece.

Seaweed Mushroom Roll (金花朵朵開 ) is really special to taste as well where the needle mushroom mushroom is being battered with the seaweed together and deep fried. Crispy finger food to dine off here too.
Price: RM 4.90

I also love their Braised Beancurd (滷豆腐) which is simply flavourful. The braised beancurd is well made with the crispy outer layer and the smooth and silky texture beneath. The braised sauce is also well infused in the taufu itself which makes it better.

Not only braised beancurd, they do have braised egg (滷蛋) as well which does not disappoint us too.

– Minced Meat Noodles (滷肉面)-

– Minced Meat Noodles (滷肉面)-

Minced Meat Noodles (滷肉面) is simply good . Well made noodles with the added minced meat and gravy within it is just special and something flavourful to try off. It is just nice to have them while waiting for the steamboat to be ready too. Isn’t it.

What’s nice is we ended with their homemade fruit tea too which is refreshing to end our meals.

32A-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway, Petaling Jaya.
Business Hour: 11.00 am- 10.00 pm (Mon-Sun)
Contact: 03-61513823
Email: [email protected]


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