What other fun ways can you do on your Sundays and Public Holidays other than spending a wonderful time with the family members.It is simply a great idea with the family brunch gathering with then and enjoy the weekdays together. The Emperor at Dorsett Grand Subang , is not just a place for family to enjoy the mouth watering Dim Sum Buffet but the interior and the service of the restaurant do impress me for a comeback for more. For mummies and daddies can enjoy themselves too during the Brunch. In Emperor, they have a “Kid’s Corner” where your kids can enjoy their fun activities such as sand art craft, colouring, games, cartoon channels, clown entertainment and many more. With the fun time had there, parents can simply enjoy their brunch together without any worries.

The Emperor restaurant is well located at the Mezzanine floor of Dorsett Grand and it is one of the top choices for a buffet in the city on Sundays as well as Public Holidays. There are so much of delicious dim sums which includes the Steamed “Siew Mai” Emperor Style, Deep Fried Yam Puff with BBQ Chicken as well as their baked Mini Egg Tart Custard. Dim Sums here is really good where I am simply falling in love with it. The dim sums is obviously well made with the succulent and juicy prawns inside as well as the taste is amazingly good and lovely. Though it is a halal dim sum, the dim sum is well made and taste great as well.

Siew Mai here is good too where the meat is well minced and it has the juiciness in it.

We love the fish balls too. The fishball gives us the bouncy texture and it is just nice to chew along with the dim sum and the chilly sauce.

Steamed Prawns and Spinach Crystal Dumpling is filled with the prawns in it as well. Well made with the thin crystal skin and scrumptious of prawn meat in it.

If you prefer some paos you can grab them too. The varieties of the buffet is so much and we could not give a try of all of it. Other dim sums and varieties available in the buffet spread do includes chee cheong fan, a lot more of dim sums, egg tarts , wu kok and many more.

– Char Siew Chicken Meat Cheong Fun and Dried Shrimps-

-Deep fried ham sui kok-

-Pan-Fried Steamed Vegetable and Meat Pau-

Besides the normal steam dim sum, fried dim sum is also available in their buffet selection too.

Stirred Fried Tiger Prawn in Spicy Sauce is also another item which is deliciously served.Fresh juicy prawn with the light spiciness is amazingly good and delicious.

Braised Tofu with mushroom and vegetables is one of my favorite. Soft texture tofu with the chewy texture of the mushrooms does make me falling in love with the dish.

The pretty basket of the Stirred Fried Vegetables are also available in the buffet spread itself. Well fried vege with the topping up of some cashewnuts is amazingly good.

Deep Fried Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce

Deep Fried Fish with Miso Sauce is another item which can be found to in the buffet. The fish is being deep fried till crispiness and glazed with the miso sauce in it is really good. I love the fish itself where there is no fishy or muddy smell in it.

To full up our tummy, they do have the vermicelli too.

Not only that, there are also other wide selection of buffet items which includes the cold starters, Chinese Barbecue item where you can find BBQ Duck, Chicken Siew Mai, and Chicken as well. There are also cold starters, fried items which you can find seafoods, noodles and more. I am also impressed with other items there which includes the choices of the delectable dishes that is being served : prawns, fried noodles and more.

The brunch is priced at RM60.00++ for adult and RM30.00++ for child belowe 12 years old, available during Sundays and Public Holidays from 10.00am-2.30pm. Kids below 5 years old can dine for free while Senior Citizens above 60 enjoy 50% off the price. For every 10 paying guest, one will dine for free.

The Emperor
Dorsett Grand Subang
Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya.

Sundays and Public Holidays
RM60.00++ for adults, RM30.00++ for kids below 12 years old
Kids below 5 years old dine for free, 50% off for senior citizens above 60 years old
For every 10 paying guests, one dines for free.
For enquiries and reservations, please call 03-50316060, ext. 1954

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