Five & Two Fine Foods introduce the bacon jam. We usually had a variety of jam in the market but now Five & Two Fine Food s comes out with the bacon jam which is simply special. It is my first time trying the jam which gives a different blend of taste compare to the usual one. Due to hard disk corrupted, thanks to FoodMsia for sharing the lovely pictures

A homemade Bacon Jam where the Delicious Crunchy fried bacon is being cooked in sweet, spicy, sticky, tangy sauce. The bacon jam brings up the light spiciness which we love where it is well served together with bread, spaghetti, bihun and even with rice. The home made delicious bacon jam ease my job easily in cooking where I can topped it with the Maggi Mee Goreng which is just superb. Bringing the taste of light spiciness, the jam does enhance the overall taste of the noodles too.

We tried the Prune Jam which brings the different blend of taste too. The prune brings a tangier, zingy, delicious taste of it. It brings slightly sourish taste compare to the Fried Bacon. In the bottle of the jams, you can find the grinded prune in it which is well served together with fried rice as well with bread too. It is slightly different from purchasing from the malls as all of it is freshly made from the kitchen and they use quality ingredients.

Overall, it is a great experience trying up the new jam and it is available to be purchase through their facebook page. Hop to their facebook page and PM there to get your orders now

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