Tucked in a corner of the Publika Shopping Centre, there goes a clasiceand romantic place which is worth to visit and for a try- Zender’s Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant whis is beautifully decorated with the soft romantic music as well the classical decoration. Tantalize your taste buds with our french fusion cuisine and ignite your sense with an wide range of cocktails and drinks here in Zender’s will end you with a great memories.

It is simply beautiful with the lovely interior which gives me a romantic feel. The restaurant is located just above 7-11 and it is the corner of the block itself.

– The homemade Bun-

– The homemade Bun-

– Look how she enjoy her buns-

– She loves the bun so much-

We had started our meals with their homemade buns and butter. My lil one completely falls in love with the buns so much where she had the whole big bun on her own. Soft and fluffy texture of the buns and it is simply well made which is just perfectly done and can get a munch of it without the butter to be added in it.

-Salmon Tartare-

-Salmon Tartare-

The Salmon Tartare is completely good where the fresh marinated salmon is being served together with the chop chive, orange and avocado together with it. Each bites of the Salmon Tartare brings a refreshing taste and the zesty flavors which comes from the orange.
Price: RM 19.00

– Zender’s Scallop-

– She loves scallops too-

Zender’s Scallop is another items we falling in love with. The pan sear US Scallops are being served with the boutique salad as well as port of wine sauce. The delicious pan seared salad is well textured and it is served at on the generous portion. The scallops are fresh and the texture is amazingly good which my lil girl would like to have more of it.
Price: RM24

Greek Salad is well made and the delicious boutique salad is simply well prepared with the fresh greenies where the greenies are being served together with the feta cheese, cherry tomatoe, kuri, in aged balsamic dressing. The salad is freshly made and each bites comes to the crunchiness and zesty flavors.
Price: RM 16

Mushroom Soup is amazingly delicious where the cream of 5 types of fresh mushroom is well cooked and served together with the toasted almonds on it. The mushroom soup is amazingly delicious where each spoonful of the soup is sinfully delicious with the thick gravy. The mushroom is really delicious and good with the toast of almonds on top of it is making the delights more superb.
Price: RM14

The pumpkin soup which is being served is filled with the thick aroma of pumpkin blend in it. The pumpkin soup being the soup of the day is simply smooth which my lil girl does love it as well.
Price: RM 10

Thick and creamy sauce served al-dente, the Alfredo spaghetti is amazingly addictive. The sliced chicken and the shitake mushroom are being served together with the rich cream. Creamy at it sauce and tender at its chicken, I would say its taste is just perfect with the right portion of creams on it.
Price: RM 19.00

If you prefer to grab have some pasta instead, seafood pasta here is perfectly well made. Well tossed in olive oul and garlic pan pacific mixed seafood, it is added with light tomato and sweet basil sauce together with it. The delights brings up the whole taste of the Seafood Marinara and what’s make it even perfect is the dish is well blended with the fresh seafood on it.
Price: RM 28

Pepito Sandwich
Pepito Sandwich

Pepito Sandwich is yet a satisfying and yet a heavy meal. Served the juicy well grilled beef tenderloin and t is being wrapped together with the focaccia bread is making the overall taste superb. It is then being served together with the deep fried onion rings. The meals is really worth for the money with the generous portion and the combination of the juicy succulent beef.
Price: RM26

Grilled Sirloin Steak

Grilled Sirloin Steak

Grilled Sirloin Steak is simply good and tantalizing. 200g of the chilled Sirlion is well prepared and served with the amazing Bordeaux wine sauce, ratatouille vegetables and sautéed potatoes with beef bacon. Served with the great sauce had made a bonus to the dish itself and the Sirlion is really good where the sirloin is well prepared at the right temperature and blend.
Price: RM52

Crème Brulee with Raspberries is well made by the chef too. The crème Brulee is simply rich on the custard itself and the delighs is done just right which is not too sweet and it is just right to my tastebuds.

Mango Tiramisu meanwhile captures my eyes with the sweet golden yellow colored. Layered with the Tiramisu and coated with the Mango, the cakes is simply superb blend. The cakes does a great job with the sinfully taste with it. Amazingly well made and the portion is just right.
Price: RM 15

We finally ended with the delectable chocolate dessert which is well filled with the dark blend chocolate taste and the taste is sinfully delicious.

D5-G4-06, Solaris Dutamas (Publika),
Jalan Dutamas 1,
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone 03-6206 3124


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