– The restaurant Inside View-

– The restaurant Inside View-

The Geographer Restaurant is bringing up new and existing concepts where they kick up with the earth and living concepts of the restaurant. It is a nice place to hang out with friends as the atmosphere is merry and crowded. There is beer, food and music to make you go wild all night long. I would have not gone for clubbing with my lil one here but this time around, we had a great fun with the great food here too.

Mackerel Fish Cake with Spices (香料马鲛鱼酿)

Mackerel Fish Cake with Spices (香料马鲛鱼酿) is where the delights is being deep fried till perfectionist and it is then served with the spicy chilly sauce together with it. It is simply crispy at the outside and the meat is juicy and delightful as well. Not only that, there is rarely founded any bones at the fish and most important is there is not much fishy taste in it which is a plus to the whole meals.
Price: RM 29.50

The Smoked Bacon Pizza(香脆培根披萨) is amazingly good and lovely where the pizza is simply well made with the thin crust pizza and it is then topped with the scrumptious and delicious smoked bacon, Italian tomato and mozzarella cheese. Each bites of the pizza is simply well tasted with the fragrant bacon taste which is laid on top and he crust is just good and not too heavy to dine too.
Price: RM 25.50

Osso Buco (意式酒香焖羊腿)
Osso Buco (意式酒香焖羊腿)

Osso Buco (意式酒香焖羊腿) is the next item which is being served. The lamb shank is well braised in the vegetable sauce and red wine sauce. The meat is not just tender and succulent meat, but the lamb shank is well infused with the sauces and the meat is simply juicy.
Price: RM35.50

Beef lovers (阿根廷式烤牛排骨) will not miss their Barbequed Beef Ribs. The beef ribs which is well prepared with the Gauchos Style and the ribs are slow braised till perfection. Well done ribs with the tender and juicy meat and each bites of the meat is just heavenly.
Price: RM 45.50

The Exotic Aglio Olio (橄榄油香料意大利面) does surprise me though. Being fans of Aglio Olio, the spaghetti is well cooked with garlic, herbs and it is toasted together with the extra virgin olive oil. The spaghetti is perfectly well made with the elasticity of the noodles and what’s more is the slurpy texture which I love the most. I wish to have the whole plate of it as it is simply delicious.
Price: RM 13.50

This is sinfully delicious and each bites of it is really heavenly. The Japanese Style BBQ Squid (日式烤苏东) is well marinated with their homemade sauces. Chewy and soft texture of the delights, the taste of the squids do brings up the overall taste and most important is the freshness of the food. Aside from that, the chilli which is prepared to dip with the squid is also perfectly well made and it’s really spice up the whole dish.
Price: RM19.50

Fresh clams with no mud taste are what I love the most. The clam soup with Ginger and Wine (上汤啦啦) is sinfully addictive to me where it is well cooked and the clam is infused with the taste of ginger and wine. Its soup is very refreshing and the taste is blend with the thick Chinese wine taste.
Price: RM 15.50

Some crunchy bites accompanied by some beer, I would love to dine with their signatures which is the Crispy Lotus Root with Salted Egg (酥炸咸蛋莲藕). The lotus root is was fried and marinated with salted egg, turning it into crispy snack which I never thought off. The crispy snacks is simply crunchy and mouthwatering which my lil foodie girl fall in love with it too.
Price: RM12.50

Fried Meehoon with Stewed Pork (扣肉米粉) is another favorite of mine. Well served in the claypot and the dish is still warm till the last bite. The Meehoon is well absorb with the taste of the stewed pork and each bites of the fat stewed pork is simply addictive where the meat is tender and yet juiy.
Price: RM13.50

When the dish is served, I thought I am having garlic by the look, but once give a bite it is mushroom instead. The sautéed button mushroom (法式香炒蘑菇) is simply addictive and good where the mushroom is really big and fresh. Well done with the tossed of olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled with it, the dish is simply good and delicious with the chewy mushroom.
Price: RM 15.50

Fresh Oyster here does not disappoint us though. The fresh oysters amazed me where the big live oyster are being served together with the Tabasco sauce and lemon wedge. For oyster lovers, it would be a great one to try and each sips of the oyster are sinfully good.
Price: RM 10.00/each

If you love to get a cheezy style, they do have it as well which is the Baked Oyster with Cheese (芝士炬生蚝) . This is where the live oyster topped with mozzarella cheese baked in the oven.
Price: RM 13.50

Not to forget is the Crispy Crust Breaded Oyster (法式脆皮炬生蚝)is another version of it. Well baked breaded and crumbed with garlic butter and herbs is another item not to be missed in Geographer Restaurant.
Price: RM 18.50

We ended our meals with the Half Shelled Mussels with White Sauce (蒜香白酒青蚝). This is where the Brussel’style sautéed mussels are tossed together with cream and white wine. The fresh mussels is simply good and it is being topped with the alike carbonara sauce and the tops of white wine in it. Perhaps to me, I am not really a fans of mussels and white sauce, so it is not much to my likings too.
Price: RM 19.50

The Geographer Adventure Restaurant & Bar (Puchong)
A-G-38 & 39, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.

For Reservation :
Tel : +603 8079 0605
Fax : +603 8079 0607
Email : [email protected]

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