The Oriental Thai Restaurant launches their new restaurant which is located in the suburbs of Damansara Jaya. Well located at the area, now residence around the area can enjoyed the Thai Cuisine with the ample parking space at the area. The restaurant is well located at the same row as RHB Bank where I love the design inside the restaurant.

Founded by self-confessed foodies- Joey Ban and her Business Partner, Ada Foo, Golden Orchid boasts a team of dedicated Thai Chef bustling around the restaurant’s kitchen, wiping up the sizzling and savory delicacies that ranges from appetizers to desserts.

Our meals there had started with the Green Papaya Salad where the refreshing salad is well made with the raw papaya and their special sweet sauce and some chilly padi with it. The green papaya salad is amazingly lovely with the combination of sour and sweet taste.

-Tom Yum Seafood-

-Tom Yum Seafood-

The flavouful item – Tom Yum Seafood is amazingly delicious. The fresh scrumptious seafood like prawns are squids with the abalone mushroom is being cooked in the spicy tomyam soup. It is sinfully delicious with the hot and spicy piping soup and the soup is well blended with the fresh ingridients. Lots of lemongrass and chillies with it which makes is delicious and the tom yum soup taste pretty authentic.

Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter is simply not to be missed. The platter of Thai style BBQ Seafood and lamb is being served with their home made green chili sauce. The platter is worth to order where the lamb is simply well made and juicy. For me, I love the squids and it is superbly delicious when it is being dipped together with the chilli paste sauce.

– Green Curry Seafood-

– Green Curry Seafood-

Their Green Curry Seafood is reasonably tasty. Not too spicy as I expected it to be, they are using a light amount of chilies in it, the green curry are added with generous amount of basil leaves and the gravy bring a strong hint of the coconut taste. The delicious green curry is well served hot with the thick curry paste and all the ingrideints fresh.

One of the signature dishes which are being served is the Pataya Fish. The Pataya Fish is where the fish is being deep fried till crispiness and it is topped with their flavorful mango salad. Sweet and soury sauce which is being added into the fish is sinfully delicious and lovely where the sauce makes it perfectly good and tasty not mentioning the freshness of the fish.

Thai Style Omelette is also being served together in the meals. The omelette is well fried with the fluffy and crispy taste with it.

The basil Chicken is also a great dish to try off. The chicken meat is well minced and added with basil together with it. Bringing the taste of basil sauce, the basil chicken is simply delicious which I really falling in love with it.

Stir fried kangkung is being stir fried together with the sambal with it. Well stir fried with the fragrant sambal together in it which makes it superb

We ended our meal with the Golden Orchid Dessert- the Red Ruby. The ruby red chessnut in refreshing cold coconut milk and served with slices of jackfruit together with it. Not overdo on its recipes, the Red Ruby is sinfully good and delicious.

Golden Orchid Restaurant is open for operation from 11.30 am to 230 pm and 530 pm to 10.00 pm daily. For more details, do visit their facebook page at or contact them at 03-7722 2228

NO 12-14G, JALAN SS22/25,

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