Located at the Isetan Eat Paradise right smacked in one of the busiest mall- 1 Utama, I believe it would be a sanctuary for people to come over enjoying their meal while avoiding the massive jam along the LDP highway.

Ma Maison is no longer a new name in town after the success of opening 16 outlets since their opening in Japan and extended to Singapore with 5 outlets before opening their very first outlet here in Malaysia. The restaurant had a simple design and yet a meaningful one in the overall concepts. The walls are being stick with the strips of jeans which they had carefully stick each pieces on the wall with the look like a mountain. Besides, the restaurants are being designed with the open-concept kitchen where they had stacks charcoals on top where that represents the traditional way of cooking Tonkatsu by the Japanese. Not to forget is the wall paintings in Japanese words where that had represents the way of eating Tonkatsu as well. With the simple designs of the shop, it does bring out the meaningful stories behind them.

Here at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, you will be definite to be spoilt with the free refills of salad, soup and rice. The salad and soup will have the unlimited refill (for now) and for the rice , it is refillable for once. In here you may choose the choices of rice if you prefer to have the steam rice or the healthy multi-grain rice. The multigrain rice contains of 14 different types of ingredients which have seeds, beans and rice. It is indeed a healthy option to go for when you are in Ma Maison.

We started Rosu Katsu Set which is being served with the 160g pork loin, and theset comes with a bowl of rice, a bowl of tonjiru, a plate of Tsukemono and also the hill of cabbage. The crispy at the outside with the juicy texture of pork never failed to impress me. The premium-cut of pork with the tender pork-licious delights had made my tummy drooling when it is being served in front of me. You can enjoy the set with the Tonjiro Soup (“premium grade” miso soup) which has around 24 to 28 ingredients in it. The soup which is being served is full of flavors where it is filled with lots of small pieces of ingredients like bean curds, radish and more. The meal is also completed with the crispy and fresh cabbage together with it.
Price: RM 23.80

-Tokusen Ippon Hire Katsu Set-
-Tokusen Ippon Hire Katsu Set-

Tokusen Ippon Hire Katsu Set is the next item which is being served. The deep fried pork fillet (180g) is being deep fried with the Japanese Bread Crumbs (panko). I love it so much where everything deep-fried to gorgeous golden-brown perfection without being excessively oily, and that the meat bringing a slight rough and chewy meat.
Price: RM 28.90/set

-Negi Miso Hire Katsu Set-
-Negi Miso Hire Katsu Set-

Negi Miso Hire Katsu Set is the final porklicious meal we had sampled. The deep fried pork fillet is served with the negi miso sauce as well as the Japanese leek together with it. If you prefer to get some sauces on the porklicious meal, this is a good one to try out as well.
Price: RM28.90/set

-Katsu Don Set-
-Katsu Don Set-

Katsu Don Set is one of my favorites here. The deep fried pork loin is being topped with egg and the special soy sauce. It is simply superb for someone like me who prefer to get something more moist.
Price: RM 25.90

Fans of seafood can try their Jumbo Prawn Set. The huge prawns are well deep fried with the panko batter had not disappoint me too. The prawns tasted very fresh even though the crispy texture which covers it. I am falling in love with it so much with the prawns and even though we are so full with all the delicious pork loins, we can even finish up the jumbo prawn set too. The sweetness of the prawns can be tasted each and every bites of it which we could not stop saying “OISHI” to this.
Price: RM37.90 for 1 prawn/RM52.90 for 2 prawns

We ended our meals with the desserts. The flavors of the jelly will be changing in every 2 days. The jelly is simply superb which is not too sweet and yet very soothing towards the throat after the heavy meal. A great dessert to end our meals.

Tonkatsu @ Ma Maison
2nd Floor, Eat Paradise, Isetan 1 Utama
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7727 3337
Business hours: Sun – Thu: 11:00a.m. – 10:00p.m.
Fri, Sat & Public Holidays: 11:00a.m. – 10:30p.m.

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