I spotted this little kiosk in Queensbay during my trip back to Penang itself. It is similar with Tutti Fruiti where they do serve the frozen yogurt. The kiosk is well located at the basement floor at the north wing of the mall. It is just a few blocks away from the Chicken Rice Shop.

KiwiBerry twist is its authenticity, by offering natural & low-calorie Froyo that is prepared from low-fat milk and premium ingredients that contain REAL yogurt benefits. The kiosk has a few machines of the frozen yogurt with different flavors like vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and more.
For me, I choose to grab the blueberry and strawberry flavored together. I had my frozen yogurt and you may top up with the variety of toppings like jellys, chocolates, fruits like kiwi, berries, and slices of strawberries. So, I had put additional topping into it.

Once done, they weigh the frozen yogurt and here you go with the charges. The frozen yogurt for Kiwi Berry is quite good where you the yogurt is smooth as well bringing a great flavors of the berries. It is still at the affordable price which is at RM 4.90/ 100 grams

So, why not get a frozen yogurt now at Kiwi Berry at Queensbay at the hot day.

Price: RM 4.90/100grams
Location: LG-107, Queensbay Mall

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