Rainforest Bistro is one of our visit in Sunway Pyramid where the restaurant is well decorated alike we are dining in the rainforest. The cozy environment of the restaurant is indeed making the place an interesting place to chill out after work or even on weekends. Rainforest bistro is located just next to the Brozeit.

This time around, we had got a chance to dine at the restaurant and enjoying ourself looking ahead at the massive jam across the streets. It is indeed a great time there away from the heavy jam ahead. This time, we are being invited to try out their new menu where the chef had added the local Malaysian elements in it.

Caesar Salad to starts the meals for the day! Something healthy though with the scrumptious fresh vegetables which are being cut and added with the chef’s secret recipes of sauce with it. It is then furnished with the bread crumbs on top.
Price: RM 12.90

Curry Laksa is one the local delights which are being served in their menu. The curry laksa is being served with bihun and topped with the scrumptious ingredients like squids, prawns and slices of the chicken meat together with it. The curry laksa is good with the amount of chilly paste which is being added in to it.
Price: RM 17.90

Seafood Carbonara is the next item we tried where the spaghetti is being cooked with the thick creamy carbonara sauce. It is topped with scrumptious of seafood which includes squids, mussels and more. The seafood carbonara is simply good and delicious with the thick creaminess which I love the most.
Price: RM19.90

Rainforest Club Sandwich is one of the signature delights from Rainforest. The sandwich are well made with the scrumptious ingridients which is being served together with it. It is well topped with the eggs, chicken meat together with it which makes the overall even more perfect.
Price: RM26.90

If you are beef lover, they also have the Grilled Beef Sandwich. The tender beef meat which is being well served on the plates is also another highlights. The dish is pretty good to dine off and enjoying them with friends as the portion is quite a large one.
Price: RM17.90

Hawaiian Pizza is the other items which are being served on the plate too. The Hawaiian Pizza is well topped with the scrumptious ingredient which includes cheese, chicken meat and also pineapples.
Price: RM17.90

We ended our meal with a cool desserts and drinks which is the Cold Sea Coconut with Lychee. The drinks is lovely and soothing as well. It is served together with the lychees, sea coconut and also some jellys in it.
Price :RM12.90

Oasis Boulevard,
Lot K5, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
603 7491 8842(tel), 603 7491 8845(fax)

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