Blu med, nested amidst the bustling centre of Boulevard Mid Valley,Blu Med presents a perfect destination for both casual and fine dining dinners around the town. The restaurant is divided into 2 separate levels where the restaurant features a trendy cool and modern environment with the touches of comfort on the lower floor and luxury at the upper floor.

The restaurant will be greeted by an imposing floor to ceiling wall of candles separating the bar and the restaurant area, and a very high vertical garden completed with two large chandeliers made of glass bottles which is being designed for Blu-Med. We are happy to be invited by Blu-Med for the review and to get a try for the Chef Sasajima’s tasting menu.

Chef Sasajima who’s name Yasuhiro Sasajima is born in January 1964. His passion in cooking had took him outside the realms of the traditional Japanese cuisine and Sasajima had joined the acclaimed “Su e Giu” restaurant in Osaka, and there he started the his love affair towards the Italian Cuisine.
Sasajima’s passion for Italian food brought him to travel to Italy and graduate at a culinary school in Rome. Returning to Japan Mr Sasajima, took the position as the head chef in several well know Italian restaurant, such as La Vita and “Il Pappalardo” In 2007, Chef Sasajima gained the international acclaim when he participated as the first Japanese Italian Chef in a Food Summit in Milan, Italy called “Identita Golose”. He had also participated in internationally acclaimed designer Giorgio Armani Charity Event as one of the guest chefs. Several years later, Chef Sasajima has opened 6 “Il Ghiottone” restaurant across Japan, achieving great orauses drin patrons and critics alike. Chef Sasajima is a regular feature across the world International Culinary events and publication, working in conjunction with a number of celebrity chefs; may be the most well known association has been the IRON CHEF program where Chef Sasajima competed against his old friend Nobu.

Today, Chef Sasajima is producing and consulting on the menu in Blue Chef where we can enjoy a unique style of Italian Cuisine which is so popular around the world.

Started with the Buffalo Mozzarella and Plum Tomato “Caprese” where the dish is well made with the cut sliced of cheese. The combination of cheese together with the fresh salad is appetizing and yet filling as well.

Carpaccio of Hirame with Wild Rice and Soft Aubergine is the healthy combination which is being served to our palate too.The healthy and delicious wild rice is topped with the soft eggplant or so called aubergine on top. It is then lay with the seasoned of Hirame on top which gives a blend of soury and yet appetizing taste of it.

– Spaghetti Tomato Sea Bass and Grilled Vegetables-
– Spaghetti Tomato Sea Bass and Grilled Vegetables-

Next comes the Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Sea Bass and Grilled Vegetables. The spaghetti is well served with the blend of the pieces of sea bass and grilled vegetables together with it. The dish is well prepared with fresh ingredients especially the spaghetti sauce. It is overall superb and delicious.

–  Espresso Pannacotta-
–  Espresso Pannacotta-

We completed the lovely meal with the Espresso Pannacotta. The Espresso Pannacotta is well made with the hint of espresso flavor which is well delivered. I love it so much and the berries are well place on the plate with the honey which makes the desserts even more perfect and delicious.

Unit 27-G Ground Flr & Unit 27-1 First Flr,
Signature Office,
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City ,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
* P/S: The restaurant is schedule to be opened by end of January 2013

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