Miraku, simply means a great place for customers to enjoy great food. It is a fine dining restaurant designed to provide the art of Japanese dining to those who desire to experience gourmet food. Established under the Texchem Group of Companies, Miraku aims to bring the best of Japanese culinary to Malaysia.

Miraku also aspires to deliver the essence of Japanese cooking which places top priority in the selection of quality and fresh produce.

– The chef-

And now, Miraku had open their second branch after the first one which is located at GHotel, Penang.

Miraku in Paradigm Mall is located outside the mall, the same floor with Starbucks.The restaurant is well decorated elegantly and classy as well. They do have the private rooms where you can go for the Japanese Style Tatami Seats.

– The Starter-

Here comes our meal which we started with the appetizers. The appetizers are being served with san chimi. It is something special to try on in Miraku where the cuttlefish liver Is being marinated with the squid ink, Then it is served with the yuzu on top. The taste is slightly bringing the taste of the seashells.
Price: RM 20.00

In the appetizers there is also Tako Wasabi which is where the octopus is being cutted into tiny pieces and it is then being mixed together with the wasabi sauce as well as spring onions together with it.

I love the scallops the most among the appetizers where the scallops are being cutted into small pieces and then it is being seasoned. The scallops bringing the flavourful taste which I simply would say I am falling it so much.

Next we had the Namanori Tamago which is where the egg is being wrapped together with the seaweed. This is where the chef prepared the delights by laying layer by layer of the egg as well as the seaweed. Though it is added with the seaweed, but the fragrance from the egg is still maintaining inside which make the delights superb wna dit is just melted in the mouth with the fragrance of the egg in it.
Price: RM 13.00

– The Sashimi Set-

Next we had the seasonal fish (Sashimi) which is served is very well prepared as well. The seasonal fish which is being served includes aji, salmon, tuna, hirame, monk fish liver, shimi saba as well as tai. All the fish which is being served is amazingly good and lovely where the fish is really fresh and each bites of it is heavenly delicious. It is also being served with the chef’s own house blend wasabi which makes the sashimi even better.
Price: RM 120 onwards

The next item in line is the Green salad which is being served  We have their Signature Miraku Salad, where the greenies are being served together with the wafu dressing. The greenies which includes onions, tomatos, sliced cabbage and more in it. With the wafu dressing added into it, the salad is simply delicious and irresistible.
Price: RM 11 (S) . RM 13 (M) , RM 18 (L)

– The Wagyu Toubanyaki-
– The Wagyu Toubanyaki-

Next comes the Wagyu Toubanyaki and the Fugu Karage. The Wagyu which is being used is the Mumbling 5th grade to prepare the delights. The beef which is being served is well prepared and being bbq at the little hot plate. The meat is thinly sliced and The meat is really juicy and tender which makes us fall in love with it. I could say it is sinfully delicious.
Price: RM 85.00

As for the Fugu Karage, it is simply special and this dish needed a chef who have the certs are only allow to prepare the dish. The fish is being cutted and deep fried till crispiness. The delights is simply good and the fish is simply juicy and the meat is tender. It need to be extra careful when we are dining this as there are lots of bones in between.

Gindara Saikoyu is the next dish which is being served to our plate. Gindara Saikyou where the black cod fish is being marinated and pan fried. Each of the bites of the cod fish is simply good and lovely with the milky texture of the fish itself and the freshness of the fish. It is just luscious and I would love to have more of it.
Price: RM 40.00

We are also being served with the miso soup which is good as well. The soup is well flavoured and with the ingredients in it.
Price: RM 6.00

The Ocean Roll is simply well made and wrapped with the fresh ingredients  It is just lovely with the freshness of the ingredients being the key point and the portion is a big one though. The delectable delights with the fresh cutted salmon and wrapped together with cucumber, seaweed and others is indeed delectable.
Price: RM 33

We had the chawanmushi which was a great one too. The chawanmushi is well prepared with the scrumptious ingredients beneath. The egg is smooth and it is just melted in the mouth which is just a delicious combination.

We had their speciality soba noodles which is the Tororo Soba where the grated mounted yam is being served together with the quill egg on top of the soup. The soba noodles are being served with their popular item which is the Bonito Soup and other ingredients in it. The delectable delights is not to be missed in Miraku where it is one of the specialities too here.
Price: RM 13.00

Not only that, Moraku kami Nabe is one of my favourite item as well where the seafood, chicken and vegetables are being cooked together in the Japanese Style Petote Paper Hot Pot. Scrumptious hot soup during the cold rainy day really works and the soup is fabulous with the sweet flavoured soup which comes from the seafood and other ingredients.
Price: RM 36.00

We ended our meals with some desserts as well which is the Sweet Cheese Tofu which is being served together with the delectable blueberry syrups with it. It was good and the tofu was just nice and mix well with the blueberry syrups which is served together with it.
Price: RM 10.00

If you love to get some ice creams, they do have it too. They do served a variety choices of ice cream and we had sampled the match ice creams, wasabi ice creams as well as their sesame ice creams. The ice creams was really smooth and good.
Price: RM 10 each.

Address :
Miraku at Paradigm Mall
Lot GB02, Ground Floor,
No.1 Jalan SS7/26A,
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Website: www.miraku-restaurant.com
Opening times:
1130 to 1500 and 1800 to 2300 (Mon to Thu)
1200 to 2300 (Fri to Sun)


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    Tried this few weeks back, the salmon was really very fresh and thick cut. Price is also not cheap also. HAHA and one sad thing is the location of the outlet is not really attractive to people, me and my friend couldn’t find it at first.

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