Let SURF for Seafood! Is time again to eat and we are having SURF-ing and TURF-ing at their Utara coffee House this round. They had brought us a cuisine which is originated from the humble British pubs and North American Steakhouses.Surf ‘n’ Turf means the combination of seafood & meat in a dish.

-Pan-Seared Lamb Cutlets-

Pan-Seared Lamb Cutlets with Scallops is being served to our plates where the fresh succulent lamb cutlets seared to perfection and teamed with equally succulent scallops, just right, not overly done.To marry the meats together is an aromatic rosemary sauce with turned carrots, broccoli and bouillon potatoes. I just love the scallops which is well made with sweetness and freshness. As for the lamb, the meat is succulent and juicy as well.
Price: RM 42.00++ per order

Beef with Gambas and Béarnaise Sauce is a touch of the conservative combination. This is where the beef is being pan-seared, just right to ensure that the meat remains juicy and teamed with grilled prawn and rich buttery béarnaise sauce. Then, it is being added with the mashed potatoes, baby carrots & asparagus spears.
It is indeed a great dish to have where the juicy beef is well mixed with the prawns with it. The presentation of the dish is beautifully made.
Price: RM 38.00++ per order

-Duck Scented Octopus a la Orange-

Duck Scented Octopus a la Orange is one of our favorite. The dish is being inspired by an old Fresh Dish and Armada had teamed the oldie with a Newbie Octopus is the dish. The flavor-some duck compliments the fairly blend octopus. With tangy orange sauce to add more flavor and taste to this dish, accompanied with crunchy broccoli and turned potatoes. The dish brings sweetness to the overall portion where they cooked the orange together with the caramelize sugar. It is simply a great dish to try out and my favorite of all with the huge octopus tail with it.
Price:RM 35.00++ per order

Stuffed Chicken Farce and Tiger Prawn with Mousseline Potatoes is a combination of having tiger prawns together with chicken. The Filleted chicken thigh is rolled and stuffed with prawns and grilled. And to top off the dish, a whole tiger prawn is teamed with the chicken roll, muskily aromatic mushroom sauce, potatoes, broccoli and carrots. The chicken meat is simply tender and juicy which is a great combination of dish.
Price:RM 34.00++ per order

We ended with the Atun Carne Risotto with Marinated Beef where risoto lover would not missed this. The Cheesy creamy flavorful risotto is topped with flaky tuna chunks and grilled black pepper marinated beef, making the dish more substantial are vegetables such as cauliflower, asparagus spears and carrots, for texture and color. It is well cooked and the beef is juicy and tender as well. A lovely meal to taste.
Price:RM 34.00++ per order

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