Buzzing at the heart of PJ, Armada Hotel is a great hotel to stay in. The hotel is well located  next to the Federal Highway and just a few minutes of walk, there you goes to the LRT station (Asia Jaya) where you can conveniently travel to the town area. Thanks a lot to Hotel Armada for the great arrangement for the hotel review.

Armada Hotel is the four star high- rise hotel in Petaling Jaya. It is indeed having a 242 spacious room and  you can be assured of an enchanting vacation experience as you retire into a haven of comfort, facilities and hospitality.

The hotel have the ample parking space which there is no worry about and we are being served with a pleasant receptionist who had served us with a big smile. It is so fast when they have key our details and  we are given 2 cards which is one of the gym and one for our room. We had the Admiral Suite which is situated at the 24th floor of the hotel. The hotel is bringing me back to the feel of being a new-weds couple which is simply relaxing and we can enjoy our private moment together.

I am attracted to this.. The see-through bath room is amazing and there is a bath tub for you to enjoy your bath and you can see what your partner doing in the room. There is no barrier between you and your loved one in the beautiful and lovely room. Aside the room is well equip with a great air-cond which is adjustable to the temperature which is a great thing for me. The bathroom not only comes with the bath tub but there is rain shower too. It is also equip with the shampoo, lotions, as well as body shampoo. One of the things which is missing out is there is no toothbrush and toothpaste.
The rooms for the night is lovely. Relaxing blue color lights with the tv infront of us is really enjoyable and we are very relaxed on our bed to have a great movie together till I get to fall asleep so quickly. The bed is soft which is what I love about the soft fluffy bed which is just right for me to doze off.
Once I off the blue lighting, the warm yellow light is also very lovely and romantic to me. There you goes with the beautiful lighting and while having your romantic moments with your love one, Armada Hotel do provide in-house order where you can have your room service for some Japanese Delights from their Japanese Restaurant as well.

Aside, they do have a big classy glass wardrobe for you to put your clothes and for girls, there is a table for your make up too. Armada Hotel is also very kind to provide iron for your usage as well as hair-blower to dry up your hair too. It is very nice and stylish of the cabinet which is not only classy but is also very useful.

The washroom is being furnished with ample of tissues, hair conditional, soap, lotions, as well as other necessaries like cotton buds, shaver and more.


If you need to work, they have a working space for you too with the free Wi-Fi provided. The great lighting and a nice working space without disturbing your love one is really a good options to go for with this stylish room.

They also have a TV outside the room, you can enjoy different channels or even let ur love one have a great sleep in the room while you enjoy your movies with the selected ASTRO Channels from the outside. If you like to watch your own movie via your own media, they do have HDMI wayer for you as well. What is lovely overall is the drinks from the fridge is a bonus to the guest. They have a few can drinks in the fridge where we can enjoy without any charges. Besides the cold fizzy drinks, Armada Hotel do offers coffee and tea bags too.
Overall, the rooms are amazingly lovely and everything is so good which I wish to stay for more nights there.


– It is conveniently located near the Asia Jaya LRT which is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel

– There is complimentary soft drinks from the fridge.

– Complimentary Wi-Fi.

– Complimentary Breakfast is provided as well.

– The front desk and reception provides a good service with the great greetings.


– There is no toothbrush and Toothpaste.


From RM420.00++ (Promotion price from now till end December 2012)

Location : 
Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Lorong Utara C, Section 52
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
T : (03) 7954 6888
F : (03) 7958 5593

If you would like to enjoy some dining at Hotel Armada, you can feel free to visit their coffeehouse as well as the Japanese Restaurant, they do have Utara Cafe as well as Shokudo for your enjoyment of their meals. Some of the reviews on the food available in Hotel Armada as the link HERE

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