Sanook is indeed a great place to enjoy a nice fusion food beside the lake. Having been there for a few times, I just love being there to have a dinner with loves one by the lake. The restaurant had offered a new menu which is simply capturing my attention with the word DANGER.It is where they had the mix of delights of Fusion for their upcoming menu and what’s the best is Sanook is revamping the whole menu from the past with a more affordable price and all the food are nett price.

– Sushi Nori Hailam-
– Sushi Nori Hailam-

We started off with the Fusion preparation of the sushi which is the Sushi Nori Hailam. The sushi Nori Hailam is very special where the sushi seaweed rolls stuffed with the hainanese chicken rice slices of broiled tender chicken and cool Japanese cucumber and served with the special ginger chili dip . The serving is simply beautiful and it is well prepared with the slightly spiciness of the dipping.
Price: RM 12.00

– Gyro Lamb Pita-
– Gyro Lamb Pita-

Gyro Lamb Pita is one of the signatures of Sanook too. The sliced boneless marinated lamb leg is being served with the veggies and black olives. It is then being stuffed in fresh homemade pita bread pockets, with the special yogurt mint sauce. The portion is good enough to share for snacks and it is very juicy as well.
Price: RM 18.00

– Moogus Salad-
– Moogus Salad-

Moogus Salad is another addictive selection from Sanook where the salad is being served together with the grilled sirloin beef and asparagus. It is then being tossed with the wild rocket, Parmesan cheese and roasted red capsicums in their special house dressing.
Price: RM 22.00

– Tom Yum Goong Pisek-

Love spicy? I love this for sure is the Tom Yum Goong Pisek. The tomyam is amazingly beautiful and it is genuinely thai where it is being served with a bowl of thick spicy soup with tiger prawns with it together with squids, aand fish infused with the thai herbs and with rice. I am just loving the tomyam as the spiciness is really on par and I am just loving it so much.
Price: RM 29.00

3S crispy Salmon is a dish which is where the fillet of the salmon seared to perfection with a chewy skin served on a bed of special 3 flavoured sauce which is sweet, sour and spicy and then it is accompanied by the lime tofu salsa with it too. The salmon is simply with the juicy meat which is lovely too.
Price: RM 38.00

– Kim-Yang Lamb Cutlets-

Next is the Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets is where the kim’s favorite lamb cutlets are being coated in korean spices adn charbroiled to perfection and accompanied with the Korean kimchi. The delights is well made with the tender juicy lamb cutlets and accompanied with the light spiciness kimchi is indeed a lovely combination.
Price: RM 52.00

Sang Har Mee which is originated from the Chinatown is indeed of my delighting bites. The famous crispy noodles are being served with a wok-fried giant freshwater prawns. It is being served with the rich prawn gravy as well as the braised bok choy is indeed making the meals perfect. The prawns are fresh and I love the whole texture of the meals which is filling up my tummy.
Price: RM 22.00

If you love to have a some meat but not too heavy, Espresso Chicken is a good choice. The tender chicken chop with espresso honey glaze roasted to perfection and served with pomelo salad, corn mojo and citrus bean salsa and accompanied with tortilla chips.
Price: RM 25.00

– Masala Rib-Eye-

Ribs lover would never would definitely love this. The Masala Rib-Eye is a prime cuts of beef rib-eye coated with chef’s special mix of garam masala, grilled to perfection and accompanied with vegetable kebabs.
Price: RM42.00

-Lasagna Beef Rendang Padang-

Some twisting instead for now? The Lasagna Beef Rendang Padang gives a great flavor with the homemade chef’s specialty with the delicious lasagna layers which is lavished with the spicy and tender beef rendang. It is then being served with the garden greens in house dressing which is simply superb.
Price: RM 29.00

For those who love Italian, why not try their Marco’s Aglio e Olio which is one of the delighting and flavorful fare where it is served with fresh water prawns, mussels, clams and squids. The delights are being flavored with coriander, crispy garlic and chili flakes with it as well. The price is indeed very attractive with so much ingridients in it compared to some which is just basic mushrooms only.
Price: RM 26.00

Some localized pasta is also available in Sanook for lunch . The Massaman Calamari Tagliatelle is a dish which is being served with the squids with it. The delights is simply spicy and it is recommended for those who love spicy food. The dish is available on their “Pasta All You Can Eat Deal” where it comes with free flow of soup, drink and salad.The deal cost only RM 18 nett from 11:30AM -2:30AM Monday to Friday.

– Spicy Thai Mango Tuna Pizza-
– Spicy Thai Mango Tuna Pizza-
– Spicy Thai Mango Tuna Pizza-

Not to forget is the pizza where the pizza here are one of the specialty  Spicy Thai Mango Tuna Pizza is an awesome 3 flavor pizza of chunky tuna with the sliced mango, caramelized onions and cucumber with parmesen cheese. The taste which is a combination of Thai and Western favorites. If you love spiciness, this is indeed a good choice to choose.
Price: RM 33.00

– Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza-
 Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza-

Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza is another selection not to be missed. The fabulous pizza which is being served with sliced lamb and fried garlic and sesame seeds is indeed appetizing. It is topped with the chef’s special honey sauce as well as fresh mozzarella cheese. Overall, the pizza is indeed coming to perfection with the delighting crispy base.
Price: RM 35.00

Marie’s Crepe Suzette-
-Marie’s Crepe Suzette-

Desserts is something not to be missed in a meal. I am indeed falling in love with the Marie’s Crepe Suzette where the freshly pan-fried french crepes flavored with creamy fresh orange juice and citrus zest.
Price:RM 17.00

Calling up next will be Margaret’s Bread butter and Pudding which is a simple and yet a delighting desserts. The old fashioned english family favorites bread pudding with the creamy egg custard.
Price: RM 14.00

Plaza Kelana Jaya SS7/13A PJ
Phone: 03 7877 3636
[email protected]
Opens on Monday to Saturday (Saturdays dinner and drinks only)
For Reservation, please call 03-7877 3636 or [email protected]
GPS Coordinates: 3° 5’ 40.66” N 101° 35’ 52.61” E


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