Lets make ur own pizza!! Have you ever think of making your own pizza and this time you may enjoy and try to make your own pizza at Aria Restaurant, Bukit Damansara. And this time , Malaysianfoodie is going to make mine now at Aria. The pizza fest for this round will bring some creativity for your and passion on making pizza. Here I am to do my first ever pizza with the various of toppings available. You may enjoy the fusion of different flavors coming together in the perfect marriage of aroma and taste. As for this time, bloggers will be enjoying their own made pizza with other bloggers and the wining pizza will be named after the creator and placed in their menu.

– The Various Choices of Ingredients of Pizza-

-The Various Choices of Ingredients of Pizza-

– Roasted Chicken-

– Smoked Duck-

– Pepperoni-

– The Sauce and Cheese-

In the two week promotion, customers pay only RM25.00 nett for a DIY Pizza with a choice of 3 toppings. You may have additional toppings with an additional cost. It is so fun to get your own style of pizza with just RM 25.00. On that that, we had tasted 10 differen pizzas and we voted for the best. In the end , 2 pizzas came out top. These two pizzas will be named after the creator and featured in Aria’s menu starting from 21st October 2012. Guess whose pizza came out top?

– Ethan Making Pizza-

The pizza from SubMerryn and Malaysianfoodie had a tie in the pizza making.If you love to dine them. you may visit Aria and it will be available in their menu starting from 21 October 2012. ‘Cheesy Roasted Chicken Delight Pizza’-from SubMerryn which has roasted chicken, rocket leaves, and also pineapple with it.

– Ivy’s Pizza-

– Ivy (from FOOD) making Pizza-

– Strawberry Girl Making Pizza-

While Malaysianfooza will be appearing in the menu also by Malaysianfoodie with the ingridients of Smoked Dick, Turkey Ham, Mozzarella Cheese and Mushroom with it.

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