– The Sifu with their Shanghainese Mooncake-

– The Ingridients of the Mooncakes-

As like many restaurants and hotel, Oversea restaurant which had been in the market around 30 years had launched out the mooncake for the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time for families to reunite under the full moon – a symbol of happiness and prosperity – and offer Mooncakes as gifts of appreciation. In Overseas restaurant, they not only sells mooncakes but they have a theme of new menu which is launch in conjuction with the mooncake festival too.

To start off, the packing was quite simple and indeed a traditional and environmental friendly packing which had strict to my heart. The packing was classy and they used paper boxes in their packing which I find it nice and elegent too.

To start of, it is for sure to recommend their first mooncake in business which is the Shanghai Mooncake which is well made with the limited edition packaging (Only available 3000 copies). It is a creative production from the chef with uncompromised standard of baking, this unique flavor combines the superior quality of butter and fresh eggs, together with flour and sugar etc to make the golden skin of mooncake.

Cherry Blossom Mooncake is something not to be missed with the superb golden sun look of the egg yolk. The texture of the mooncake is impressively nice and delighting and I wish to grab a whole of the mooncake to munch. The delights is well made from the pigment extracted from the freshly imported Sakura Flowers and it is gradually blended with lotus paste.
Price: RM 15.00

There is more to have in Overseas where you may choose a variety of the Traditional Moocake delights to have. This includes the Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Golden Emerald, Supreme Nut with Ham, Noble Delights and even more. In addition to its most popular scrumptious Lotus Series Mooncake which is made from 100 per cent Hunan lotus seeds. Each of the mooncake is well made with light sweetness and the delights is also well presented in mini size (Imperial Eight at RM 55/box) or normal sizes.

Noble Delights– One of the best selling items
Price: RM 14.25

Lotus Paste with Single Yolk– everyone’s favorites and is a great gift for the elderly
Price: RM 15.00

Golden Emerald-which is the the delightful Pandan Lotus.
Price: RM 12.75 /RM 13.75 (with Single Yolk)

Supreme Nut with Ham : a delights for Nut and Ham lovers.

Golden Starlight – better known as Golden Emerald which is Malaysia’s first double paste of pandan and mung bean with an egg yolk
Price: RM 14.25

Besides the traditional mooncake, Overseas restaurant also offers snowy mooncake. The snowy mooncake is indeed perfectly madeand the mooncake can be usually frozen. The mooncake is served to us is simply frozen and it is recomended to enjoy them after 15 minutes where the mooncake had be defrost. After the delight had been defrost so-called, the delights is amazingly lovely where you can grab the sensation of having ice-creams to me. I am definate to fall in love with it and I would grab more of it.

Snowy Mango Delights with Mango Paste
Price: RM 13.50

Snowy Chocolate with Coffee Paste : one of the recomended and best seller of the mooncake.
Price: RM 13.50

Snowy Green Tea with Red Bean : Especoally made for Green Tea and Red Bean lovers.
Price: RM 13.50

Snowy Golden Starlight
Price: RM 13.50

And here is our delighting mooncake we had which it give us a great experience.

Besides the traditional mooncake, Overseas do have the Cutiemoon Mooncake which have the green tea flavours as well as wine flavors too. Oversea Mooncakes are specially packaged by exceptionally designed boxes to reflect its uniqueness and are certified “HALAL” by JAIS. Oversea Mooncakes can be purchased from Oversea outlets within the Klang Valley, Ipoh and Hypermarkets throughout Malaysia.

Oversea Restaurant
Jaya One 72a Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya


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