Okomen is a restaurant not to be missed to have the delighting savory Japanese pancake whcih is the okonomiyaki. The restaurant is well located at the place called Desa Sri Hartamas.The restaurant is specializing on the okonomiyaki which is the first outlet in Malaysia which is selling them.

– The Tori Oko-
– The Yummy-licious Tori Oko-
– My slice of Tori Oko-

Tori Oko is one of the signature of Okomen. It is my first time trying them adn the dish is indeed very special and it is indeed a unforgotten experiance. The delights is indeed well made and the disg is served with pieces of sliced pork with egg, onions and the delicious mix of sweet sauce and mayonnaise. The delights is being served together with bonito flakes where you can sprinkle the bonito flakes to add in more flavours with it.
Price: RM 15.80

– Omu Tori Yaku Soba-
– Omu Tori Yaku Soba-
– Omu Tori Yaku Soba-

Omu Tori Yaki Soba is another delighting meals which I love the most. The dish is where the noodles is being wrapped in egg and served in hot plate. The delights is amazingly lovely and delicious which we love it so much as well.
Price: RM 13.80

– The Mixed Modan Yaki-
– The Mixed Modan Yaki-

Mixed Modanyaki is really special where the pancake with the fried soba in it. The fillings include prawn, squids, and fried noodles in it which is very appetizing.
Price: RM 28.80

– The Ghoza-
– The Ghoza-

Besides the pancakes, we had Gyoza as well which is well pan -fried to be served to us . The juicy meat inside in very delighting and I am falling in love with it too.
Price: RM 10.80

Tontoro Itame is where the pork cheek is lightly marinated and being pan fried till crispiness. The dish is amazingly nice and I could not believe than the pork cheek is meat is tender and juicy as well.
Price: RM28.80

Pork Kimuchi Ramen is where the base odf tonkotsu soup based is being served with the tender juicy pork belly and the kimchi. It brings the flavor of spiciness in the dish overall.
Price: RM 19.80

Scallop Teppan is one of my favorites which appears to be chewy and delighting.It is not too sweet and overall I am loving the great texture and a big portion of scallop and it is topped with the teppan onions with it a well.
Price: RM 25.80

Unagi lover would never missed this as the fresh unagi is well marinated and rolled in sushi styles.
Price : RM 23.80

If you love to have some grilled food together, you can have the Seafood Combo set which is where there is salmons, scallops and more. The delights is well made.
Price: RM 38.80

OKOMEN Japanese Restaurant
No. 7G, Jalan 22A/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur 50480
Phone: 03-6205 9828
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

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