– It’s all about MUFFINS at OCCUBITE-

Occubite Muffins & Coffee is specialized in offering a wide range of muffins and beverages to the people who want something different from the norm. In Occubite, you can find muffins with different choices of filling and garnishes which captures many’s eyes. The names of the delighting muffins are simply well named with meaning behind it.

– The Choices of Muffins Available-

– The Choices of Muffins Available-

The muffins are all well made and each muffins is having different ingridients as well as toppings and more. Every muffins I can say is well dedicated on its name and the delights is not too sweet as well. All the muffins are indeed well made which is simply delighting as well.

– Planet of Ape-


– Eagle Eye-

-Jac Sparrow-

– Monster Inc-

– Gwen Stefany-

– Steve Jobs-

– Man In Black-

– Katy Berry-

– White Tower-

– Multigrain-


-Black Eye Peace-

– Look at my lil one falling in love with the muffins

– Look at my lil one falling in love with the muffins-

Tropicana City Mall
Lot G-PPK5, Ground Floor

KL Festival Mall
Lot SK14B, Level 2

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