Fresca Mexican Kitchen at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City is a nice place to have Mexican cuisines where the ambiance and the setting is quite homey. The design which is a mix of distressed brick and rustic timber is indeed a beautiful restaurant to be.

Fresca Mexican Kitchen  gives me a feeling of relax and enjoyable moment with the chilling place and romantic place too. The restaurant is well designed with the beautiful bar and the restaurant claims that they serves the authentic Mexican food. For fans of outdoor dining, the restaurant also do have the al fresco area, perfect for watching people stream into and out of the mall.

– Jalapeno Poppers-

Jalapeno Poppers is a dish which I love the most. This is where Jalapeno peppers are stuffed with a cream cheese mixture then battered and deep fried to make delicious little appetizers.It is crispy at the outside and once u grab a bite of it, I am just loving the cheesy taste in it so much.

We started off with the Botanas where items are serves is small plates and it is meant for sharing. We had the Tacos Ensenada which is the chef’s recomendation. The flour tortillas which is being beer battered fish and homemade coleslaw. The dish of the classic fish taco is origanated from Ensenada, Baja California. The combination was so perfect which it really lovely with the right amount of fish and coleslaw tocomes together with it and the overall brings a delighting taste with the sauce and flavors which is being blend with it.

Camarones al Ajillo where the tiger prawns sauteed with fragrant Guajillo Chiles and garlic. The serving is simply irrestible to have it and it was really good when it is being served with flour tortillas. The portion is good enough for sharing and I just fall in love with it where the fresh prawns are flavorful with a light spiciness from the garlic which is served with it.
Price: RM24

Nachos Grande is where the tirtilla chips is being topped with the refried beans. It is added with the Monterey Jack cheese with Ground Beef, Jalapeno Chillies, guacamole adn sour cream. The platter was a large one where it is good for sharing and have it together with beer with friends.
Price: RM 27/ RM 24 ( Vegetarian)

Sopa de Tortilla is a lovely mexican soup where the traditional mushroom soup is well cooked with a rich brooth flavoured with Guajullo Chile and it is garnished with fresh avocado, Ancho Chile, crumbly feta and golden tortilla strips.I am just loving the soup adn it is a comfort food for all ages.
Price:RM 22.00

-Enchiladas Rojas-

After having the Botanas, we go next to the mains. Enchiladas Rojas which is a big portion of Mexican mains which is being served. The dish which is being served with the soft corn tortillas, rolled with chicken or beef in a special marinade, covered with melted cheese and red chili sauce.It us being served with guacamole, refried beans and Mexican red rice. You may opt for beef or chicken for the dish.
Price: RM 29 (Beef) / RM 28 (Chicken)

– Carne Asada ala Tampiquena-

Carne Asada a la Tampiquena is where the tendeloin is being grilled in the Mexican ways with the onions, Mexican red rice, enchiladas verdes and refried beans. The portion is quite a big one and the taste and it is incredibly lovely meals to have with the tender and juicy tendeloin which is being served.
Price:RM 54.00

Quesadilla us one of the chef’s signature too. This is where the Mexican pizza is being served with the the choice of mixed seafood, chicken and onions or spinach mushroom and feta. We had ours which I fall in love with it. The tasewas finger licking good with the yummy Mexican Style of Pizza.
RM 34.00 (Seafood) / RM 28.00 (Chicken & onion) / RM 27.00 ( Spinach mushroom and feta)

After the heavy delights, how could you forget Mexican desserts. I loving the desserts where Tequi-lime Pie where you can find the Lime Pie with a swig of tequila infused in it. The delights is just melting into my mouth and it is recommended to dessert lovers.
Price:RM 15.00

Another Mexican speciality which is the Churros is also recommended to churros lover. This is where the donuts is being rolled in sugar and cinnamon which is generously sweet. It is served with the chocolate and one is dip in it, i could not believe that I would love it so much with the sinfully chocolate sweetness.
Price: RM 13.00

Kaffir-Mezcal – our National Day cocktail

Limon Agua Fresca

Horchata – made from ground rice and cinnamon
Price: RM 8.50

Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
G-242A Ground Floor, The Gardens
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2201-2893
GPS : N03 07.053 E101 40.659

Business Hours: 11am to 11pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun)
11am to Late (Fri – Sat)
FB :


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