In this Mid Autumn Festival, it would be a great one to dine with families as well beside giving them mooncakes. In Oversea restaurant, we are glad to sampled their upcoming Mid Autumn Delights as well. We were served a four course dinner which each of every dish has a meaning behind it.

– Mid Autumn Treasures Platter-

We started off with the Mid Autumn Treasures Platter where the focus of the dish will be on the Lotus Seeds. The dish to me reminds me on the way we had it for yee sang but it is slightly different. The dish which is filled with the generous amount of lotus seeds as well as slices of duck meat below is well made to be tasted. It is being well prepared and then it is being wrapped with the popiah skin with it.

Mid Autumn Treasures Platter after mixing together

– Here is our mini platter on the popiah skin-

– The Wrapping- 

– The Poon Choi-

Not to forget the main dish of the night will be the famous Poon Choi which is a luxurious besen of great food with it. The dish is a medley of delighting scrumptious ingridients which includes roast duck, chicken feet, braised sea cucumber, abalone, black mushrooms, lotus seeds, tiger prawns and 3 layered porks.The dish is amazlingly good and you would not believe that each of the ingridients are seperately prepared and then it is being served together with it. I am just loving the soup which is from the Poon Choi, which is where the soup taste is fully infused with the all the ingridients with it and it is sweet.

Fried lotus roots with asparagus and almond flakes is also a well made dish to me where the lotus roots is crunchy and the overall of it is amazingly made too.

– Steam Lotus leaf glutinous rice-

Steam Lotus leaf glutinous rice is a lovely one to end our meal. The glutinous rice is indeed very fragrant and it has a some steamed peanut with it.
Oversea Restaurant
Jaya One 72a Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya


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