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Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant of Hilton Petaling Jaya is celebrating the joyful Mid – Autumn Festival with its snowskin selections and the premium baked mooncakes from 01 August 2012 till 30 September 2012. Toh Yuen restaurant is bringing their beautiful handcrafter mooncake which is elegantly packed with an oriental flair in three vibrant themes – red and black, turquoise and green.

This year, Toh Yuen will be introducing an array of the creative snowskin selection with pillowy skin, velvety filling and intriguing flavors. The Snowkin Mooncakes are really eye catching with 6 different flavors which is mouthwatering.

– The beautiful Mooncakes-

-The Six Selection of the Mooncakes-

– The Lotus Paste with Sunflower Seeds (pictures by PJ Hilton)

Lotus Paste with Sunflower Seeds is indeed a lovely mooncake where the mooncakes is simply smooth and it melts in the mouth. The mooncake skin is thin and it is freshly made and I love the taste of it where you can have a cruncy bites of the sunflower seeds when you grab a bite of the mooncake.

Red Bean and Banana paste(pictures by PJ Hilton)

Red Bean and Banana paste is also one of the indulgence taste for me. The blend of the mooncake is well made and it is not too sweet as well. I love the blend of the red bean and the banana paste which is really appetizing.

-Pumpkin and Pandan paste(pictures by PJ Hilton)-

Pumpkin and Pandan paste is another specialty where the taste can blend very well together too.

-Yam And Strawberry Paste (pictures by PJ Hilton)-

Yam And Strawberry Paste is one of the indulgence treats which is where the yam taste is not too strong and it mixed well with the strawberry paste in the middle.

– Green Tea Paste with CheeseCake(pictures by PJ Hilton)-

For Green Tea lover, I bet you will be a definite to fall in love with the Green Tea Paste with CheeseCake from Toh Yuen where the fragrance of the green tea and it mix well with the cheese as the yolk in between. The mooncake is not too sweet and it is well blend together to create a creamy and yet fragrant texture in it.


-Durian Paste Mooncake (pictures by PJ Hilton)-

Here comes my favorite which is the Durian Paste Mooncake. The Durian Paste Mooncake is really lovely with the thick smells of durian where you can smell from afar. For durian lover like me, I love it so much and I can say “One is never enough”. The durian paste is well blend together with the snowy skin and the fragrance and creamy durian smell had made me a definite to have more.


Besides the Snowskin Selection, they also sells the Premier Selection of Mooncake in Tao Yuan. The Premier selection of mooncake is absolutely well packed with a choice of 4 types of mooncakes in a box. As for Toh Yuen, you may choose a the mooncake from

a) White Lotus with Single Yolk
b) Green Tea Paste with Single Yolk
c) Red Bean Paste with Sunflower Seeds
d) Five Nuts
e) Lotus Paste with Double Yolk
f) Pandan paste with Single Yolk

The mooncake is price at the affordable rate which is RM 22.00/ piece for the premium mooncake and RM 13.00/piece for the Mini Snowskin Mooncake. you may also Enjoy 10% discount on bulk purchase of 100 boxes of mooncake and above.

Beside Toh Yuen also offers personalized company logo in gold hot stamping on the box lid for bulk purchased of 150 boxes of mooncakes and above.

Prices are subjected to 6% government tax for take away. An additional 10% service charge applies to dine in order.

For order, you may contact 03 -7955 9122 ext 4073/4 or download the order form from Hilton PJ’s F&B Blog, . Also, visit for more information on Hilton PJ’s Other producs and services.

Address :
2 Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7955-9122

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