Many hotels are having to prepare for the Mid Autumn Festival which is traditionally celebrated on the fifefifteenth day of the eighth lunar month which is in September or October. The festival is the second most important festival after the Spring Festival to Chinese people.

– The Stylish Black Mooncake Box-

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur has created an array of traditional and mini snow skin moon cakes alike. Celebrating mooncake festival this year is bringing us lots of joys and laughter with families and friends and now you may grab the mooncake at Grand Millenium back to enjoy with families as well. This year Grand Millenium brought to you the mooncakes with the elegantly packed black golden stylish box to which is eye-catching to bring back to enjoy with the families.

This year, Lai Ching Yuen (荔晶园) brings you with the assortment of 8 different choices of snow skin mooncake.

Mini Snow Skin Mooncake with White Lotus Paste is bringing a pure taste of lotus in a cooling texture of the snow skin and it brings sweet bites lover to simply fall in love with it. The taste of the white lotus is neverless creamy and the texture of the white lotus is very fragrant and smooth.
Price: RM 12.80

Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Passion Fruit Lotus Paste which turns to be one of the highlight in the mooncake feast. The passionfruit taste is not too sweet and the taste is quite special as well. By the look it would not be too attractive, but the taste of it is simply good with the lightly sweet passion fruit taste which is served blend in it.
Price: RM 12.80

Mini Snow Skin mooncake spiruline lotus paste is a healthy mix of mooncake. The green combination mooncake gave me a refreshing healthy bites with a not too sweet combination to try on as well.
Price: RM 13.80

Next in the list will be the Mini Snow Skin Mooncake pure dates paste which looks lovely. The dates paste is being mixed together and the texture is simply smooth as well. The bites is well done and it is not sweet as well which makes me fall in love with it.
Price: RM 12.80

Other than that, Mini Snow Skin Mooncake with the Green Tea Lotus Paste is also another favorite of mine in the series too. The Green Tea taste is well mix and the fragrant of the green tea flavors is well absorb and every bites of it is full of the smell of the greentea.
Price: RM 14.80

– Assorted Mini Snow Skin Mooncake-
BACK : Green Tea, White Lotus, Passion Fruit & Pandan 
FRONT: Durian, Spiruline, Pure Dates, Red Bean

Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Red Bean Paste is good mix with the snowskin which the fragrant red bean flavors are very pure and the texture of it is simply good and delighting as well. The red bean taste is not too sweet and neverless the taste of it is good and does not stick beneath the teeth.
Price: RM 12.80

Here comes my favorite which is the Mini snow Skin Mooncake Durian Lotus. The Durian Lotus is well made and I love the fragrant durian smell which is from the D24 durian. The durian is paste is smooth and the taste of the paste is smooth and I am falling in love with the creamy tasty D24 durian taste.
Price: RM 13.80

We also had the Mini Snow Skin Mooncake with Pandan Lotus Paste where the layer of the pandan fragrant can be tasted in the mooncake itself. The pandan fragrant taste can be mixed well together and it is indeed a lovely combination of the traditional bites with the snow paste bites together with it.
Price: RM 12.80

– Traditional Mooncake-
– Traditional Mooncake-
– The Assorted Mooncake-
– The Assorted  Traditional Mooncake-
BACK: Red Bean, Single Yolk White Lotus, Double Yolk White Lotus
FRONT: White Lotus, Assorted Nuts

As for the traditional fare, there are 5 choices to choose from as well.

Red Bean Mooncake is one of the traditional one which is nothing special to me as I am not really a red bean fans.
Price:RM 23.80

White Lotus Paste is quite good as well which it’s smooth texture and it is lickering good with the amazingly not really sweet blend. I am pretty fall in love with it for the white lotus blend and what so delights about it is the white lotus paste is made from imported HK white lotus.
Price:RM 26.80

As for the Assorted Nuts, it is indeed a great blend where the mooncakes is really filling with assorted of nuts in it.
You can find the almonds, walnuts, hazelnus, pistachio and more in it.It is not so sweet and yet crunchy and fragrant as well. The combination is really well made and we had ultimately fall in love with it.
Price: RM 27.80

Not to forget, salted egg yolk lovers can have the option to buy the White lotus Egg Yolk mooncake with single or double yolk with it as well.
Price: RM 27.80( Single Yolk) /RM 29.80 ( Double Yolk)

Gift Boxes are available for those who wish to share the traditional delights with family and friends. The Fortune Mooncake Gift Box is priced at RM112++ (per box of 4 items) while the Full Mooncake Gift Box is priced at RM108++ (per box of 8 items).

Opening times: Lunch; Monday to Friday 12.00pm – 2.30pm, Sat & Sun 11.00am – 2.30pm. Dinner; 6.30pm – 10.30pm daily.

Location: Lai Ching Yuen,
Grand Millennium Hotel,
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2117 4180
Email: [email protected]
GPS Coordinates: 3.147694, 101.712338


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