Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng is a Chinese restaurant which is focusing on the Hunan Menu with the touch of the Malaysian influences. The restayurant is located at the Scott’s Garden mall whihc is at old Klang Road where it is just beside the beer factory.

Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng is the brainchild of owner, André Lim and Chong WC that brought in Chef Liu from China to presents the meal to us. The Hunan Cuisine is one of the regional Chainese cuisone of China and it is well developed and famous for the spicy, fresh aroma, as well as the prominence of the main flavors of the whole item. Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng is indeed bringung the cosy environment where they offer a family style of attentiveness which makes everyone welcomed and special. The environment is indeed romatic and yet simple decorated is indeed my favourite place to step in as well.

Peanuts and Anchovies with Orange Caramel is some of the appetizers we started off for the night. The taste was indeed excellent which I am really falling in love with it. The crunchy anchovies as well as the peanuts is well coated with the later of honey and there is a slight orange rind which can be found inside. The crunchy taste if it is indeed my favorite of all.

Century Egg in Sauce (凉拌皮蛋) is where the prickle egg is being served with a hatful of thinly shredded chilies and garlic. There is a slight spiciness with it which mix well with the chewy taste of century egg.
Price: RM 15.00

Pig Stomach Chicken Soup in Hotpot (猪肚煲鸡火锅)where the chicken and pig stomach is being cooked with the handful of pepper and herbs. The taste is simply delicious as well as it is nutricious too. The delights is indeed believe to be good for health and a remedy for week stomach and for women after chidbirth and others. The taste is simply good and delicious with the hot pipping taste of the fragrant pepper.
Price: RM 35.00 (Small for 2-3 pax), RM 56.00(Medium for 4-5 pax), RM 102.00 (Large for 8-10 pax)

We also get to try the Pig Ear in Red Oil which is indeed one of the specialitist of Hunan dishes. The pig ear which is being braised with the condiments and the springy texture are being served on our table. The dish is well prepared which is not too oily and the pig ear is indeed springy as well.

Price: RM 18.00

Spicy Fragrant Claypot Chicken (香辣鸡煲) is another dish we had as well. The claypot is indeed prepared with the chicken and a bulk of red chilly with it. The dish is served hot and bubbling as well. Th chicken meat is indeed tender as well as it is spicy as well. You may opt to choose the level of spiciness for the dish if you love to have Non-Spicy, Mild, Moderate or extreme spiciness with it.
Price: RM 56.00

Hot Plate Fish Topped with Minced Garlic and Hunan Chili (铁板蒜蓉鱼) is indeed one of my favorite dishes. The fish is fresh and it is well deep fried till crunchiness and it is then served with the spicy chillies and garlic with it. The flavors of the chilies and spices is well infused in the fish and the taste is simply delighting and amazingly lovely.
Price: RM 30.00

Thousand Page Tofu (黄焖千页豆腐) is being served in the piping hot taufu. The presentation is indeed unique where it is being thinly sliced. The delights is indeed a imported dish and it has the special flavors and the feeling is alike having sliced ham.
Price: RM 25.00

Fragrant Spicy BBQ Prawn (香辣串烧虾) is another famous item which is being served. The presentation is indeed fragrant of the spiciness and the platter which is served is having the delighting smooky aroma as well as the crispy taste of the prawns. The prawns is indeed juicy asn well as crispy as well. We have them without removing the shells of the prawns and the taste of it is crispy and fragrance and I am definate to come for it again.
Price: RM 25.00

We also had the Snowy Red ( Lettuce) stir fried with Minced Meat where the taste is indeed soft and tasty with the Hunana Farm Flavours. The dish is not oily and it is well fried.
Price: RM 18.00

We also had the Stir fried Beef Slices whcih is which is where the beef is well infused with the flavors and being stir fried till perfectionist. The beef is juicy and fragrant and it is well fried as well and the best of all is the aroma of the dish is simply appetizing
Price: RM 22.00

Aromatic Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken (飘香辣子鸡) is a great bites when having some beer to comes with it. The dish is simply aromatic with the crunchy taste of the chicken which is being fried with the chillies and peppercorn together with it. I love the spiciness which is served together with it and the crunchiness is what I love the most.
Price: RM 22.00

Next we had the Hotplate Crystal Noodle (铁板水晶粉)is where the sizzling hot springy tanghoon, flavor with soy sauce, chili, onion, garlic and shrimp. The dish is indeed tentalizing my taste buds and it is well fried. The dish is not really spicy though and it really cooked well which has the wok hei.
Price: RM 18.00

We ended our meal with some light sweet delights after the full of spiciness meal. This is where we had the delights crispy well fried Pumpkin Cake (南瓜饼) to balance up the spiciness we had. The dish is simply crispy on its exterior with a chewy interior which indeed a special nice dish to finish up the meals.
Price: RM 15.00

Restoran Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng
(Facing the front main Old Klang road and located above directly Wong Kok or beside Beer Factory)
Lot 1-47, Level 1,
The Scott Garden Mall,
289, Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7982 5071

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xfxc.hunan
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm daily


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