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– The Shop-

안녕하세요! means Welcome. Here I am at Oiso Korean Restaurant which is located it Bangsar South. The restaurant is open by a Korean owner and a chef who is having the 13 long years of experience in the field. The concept of the restaurant is mainly bringing the traditional delights from Korea to the customer. The restaurant is beautifuly decorated with the warm feeling which is like having a meal in the house.

Before we get started,  we are served with some starters on the table. It is indeed something not to be missed in the meal and there are the total of 5 choices of the tiny cute little plates of delights served. Here you go where they are anchovy, lotus roots, eggrill, spinach and not to be forgot is the kimchi.

We started with the Pajeon which is alike the korean pancake. The delights is made from a batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, green onions, and spring onions. The taste is crispy and it is a slight salty taste also. It is indeed well made and I am totally in love with it so much. With the dip of the sauce, the taste is even nicer and temptating.
Price: RM 10.90

Besides the Pajeon, there is also Kochi Pancake. The Kochi Pancakes is alike Pajeon but its flavors is more distinct and I love it very much too.
Price: RM 10.90

– Egg Roll-

Egg roll is another good side dish. The dish is beautifully prepared with the egg as well as the ingridients of minced carrots with it. The taste is very nice and the well fragrant of the egg smells.The delights is indeed one of the famous side dish in Korea to try off.
Price: RM 10.90

Jap Chee is another Korean delights we had tried that day. It is indeed alike glass noodles but it is not. The Korean dish is made from the sweet potato noodles and it is then being stir fried in sesame oil with various of vegetablies like thinly sliced carrots, onions, spinach and mushrroms. It is then served withflavoured with the soy sace, sweetened with sugar and it is then garnished with sesame seeds and silvers of chilis. The dish is indeed very nice with a light spiciness which comes with it and it is served with the inoki mushrooms on top of it.
Price: RM 10.90( lunch) / RM 13.90 (dinner)

There is also the serving of the delighting fish to have in the meal which is the Grilled Blue Mackerel. The fish is indeed well grilled and the fish is indeed very fresh. The grilled fish is amazingly done and the overall texture of the fish is indeed impresive and delighting.
Price: 14.90 (lunch)/ RM 17.90 (dinner

Fresh Octopus with Korean chili sauce is also one of the famous dishes from Korea. The dish is being stir fried with the chopped octopus. It is indeed simple meal where the octopus are being chopped and it is then added with the some vegetables like onions, cabbage and carrots. It is then being marinated with the red pepper paste, soy sauce, garlic and other condiments. The dish is being marinated and stir fried. This round, we had it with the noodles where it really served a nice delighting spiciness with it. The octopus is indeed a great combination with the noodels and it is fresh and appetizing too.
Price: RM29.90

The Spicy Rice Cake is another popular Korean Snacks and the sliced rice cake is indeed well made and it is served together with sliced chillies as well as eggs with it.The portion is quite a big one and it is well made to shared as well. It is indeed a lovely meals to have too.
Price: RM10.90

Bulgogi is another Korean delights which is where the dish of beef is being marinated and bbq at the hotplate. This is where the beef sirloin is thinly sliced and being marinated with the seame oil, sesame seed, black pepper and other condiments.The dish is indeed gives a unique flavor to beef and vegetables and it is simply delicious and the meat is simply tender and juicy. The dish is indeed well made and balanced up with some vegetables in it.
Price: RM 15.90( lunch) / RM 18.90 (dinner)

Last but not least, is the jewel of the night. The dish which is indeed eye-catching in our meals. It is the Korean Seafood Steamboat. The Seafood Steamboat is served with scrumptious of fresg seafood with it where you may find octopus, squids, sea shells, prawns, mussels and more. It is indeed deliciously made where the soup sweetness comes from the seafood and vegetables which is cooked together with it. The soup based is sweet and the aroma of the seafood sweetness is indeed well infused with the seafood freshness. We are simply in love with it so much.
Price: RM39.90

Unit G-3, Ground Floor, The Sphere,
No. 1, Avenue 1 Bangsar South,
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi
Kuala Lumpur 59200

Mon – Fri: 4pm – 10.30pm /
Sat – Sun: 10am – 10.30pm
(including public holidays)
03-2242 1349

* Free Wifi
* Pork Free

*Aside, you may win some vouchers too with Bangsar South. Just like them at their FACEBOOK and you can stand a chance to win the vouchers. Good Luck



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    the food in oiso is really great ..just try that yday..the egg roll is superb, and the seafood steamboat portion is really alot. nice affordable place for korean food

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