I am a Coffee lover indeed and also McDonalds lover. I am nearly be in Mcdonalds every week for its breakfast or either it’s lunch promotion. McDonalds I could say is no wonders for all of us where it is famous for its burgers and for kids will be its.. HAPPY MEALS which it is indeed my favorite too.

This time, I am not talking on McDonalds but is all about the NEW HIT icon in here in Klang Valley. I am coming now for its Mc Cafe. Being a fans of coffeee, I would not say NO to coffee. Mc Cafe is situated at Kota Damansara and it has a small kiosk counter which is serving coffee and it is the first Mc Cafe in Malaysia.

The coffee brewed with the 100% Arabica coffee beans and the Arabica coffee is indeed making me in love with it and the cup of fragrance coffee smells and taste. I had the Cappuccino which is indeed a umph and the smells of the coffee is simply amazingly good and there is a M word there as well.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM4.50 (S), RM 5.50 (R), RM6.50 (L)

If you prefer to have a cold coffee, Mc Cafe do serves too. We had the iced latte which is slightly bitter and full of the thickness of the coffee. If you love too have a slight sweetness, add a bit of sugar in to it.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM4.50 (S), RM 5.50 (R), RM6.50 (L)

They also have more variety like cakes, muffins and more and it’s price is indeed affordable too.But, we are too full to have it for this round. Will go there again for MORE.

McCafe McDonald’s Kota Damansara
Lot B, Jalan Cecawi 6/18A,
Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya


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