It is indeed good to have some time to gather together with family and friends during the fasting month with the traditional delights. Here we go to enjoy the buka puasa time at Serena Brasserie InterContinental Kuala Lumpur. The location is just next to the Citibank KL. The restaurant is indeed beautifully decorated with a wide spread of 110 state specialties per day. The dishes are well made and serves where it is indeed impress me when I stepped into the restaurant.

– The Chef Jasmin’s Authentic Dishes  at Serena Brasserie Intercontinental Hotel-

– The Team of Intercontinental-

To start with, all the items are freshly prepared by their executive Chef Jasmin’s where he serves his culinary strength in the Malay Cuisine. In the buffet, some of the highlights will be on the traditional flavors. We are honored to be invited to review the scrumptious spread of the Buka Puasa Buffet here.

– The Spread of Fresh Delights-

-The Assorted Sushis-

To start with there are indeed a variety of appetizers which are being served once you entered the restaurant. This is where you can find a full spreads of raw delighting cuisine. Here you goes with the variety of Japanese delights like the Fresh Oysters, Slipper Lobsters, Fresh Water Prawn and Blue Crab. Aside from these raw items,there are also a vast variety of the delighting assorted sushis and sashimi as well.

– The Keropok Choices-

Besides the Japanese delights, they have a variety of kerabus to choose in their spread of buffet. There are also assorted of Keropok to try in the spread too.

– The Yong Tau Fu-

– The Assorted Malay cuisine-

– More types of Cuisine-

After the appetizers, we will be trying up a vast variety of the main course along the spread of buffet too. The spread includes a variety of the Malaysian cuisines where you can find the Lamb Kurma, Sayur Lodeh, Ikan Cencaru masak sambal, Ketam Goreng Berlada, Wok Fried Lala in Belachan Sauce and many more.There is also Kangkung Sotong as well as the Malaysian favorites “Yong Tau Fu” to be served in the buffet too.

They also have westerns delights which include the Ratatouille, Pan Sheered Fish, and many more.

You can find the Malaysian’s favorites Hainanese Chicken Rice in the buffet spread.

– The BBQ Delights-

They also extends more delights by the theme of “Kampung Live Action Stalls” where you can have the Goreng Goreng stall where they serves a variety of the delights of Malaysian snacks like Pisang Goreng, BBQ fish and even more.

You may find the Grilled Lamb in the spread of buffet. The Grilled Lamb meat is indeed well bbq and the taste of the lamb is very tender too.

Besides, they have a stall for the  Malaysian Satays there too. You can find the delighting authentic assorted satays of beef and chicken to be served with the condiments of the ketupat, cucumber and the peanut sauce as well.

Not to forget is the teppanyaki counter which is where you may find the variety of seafoods like shrimps, and sotong is being stir fried with the sauce and beansprouts which is indeed very good.

After the heavy delights of the Malaysian favorites and the buffet, do also try the delighting desserts there. This includes the variety of the traditional Malay Kuihs and Raya cookies.

There is Malaysian’s favorite Rojak as well in their spread of buffet

– The Types of Cakes and Puddings-

– The Types of Malaysian Delights-

Not to forget, they also serves a variety of puddings and cakes in the menu to choose too.

Besides, there are a variety of juices to quench the thirst and also Malaysian’s favorite Teh Tarik and Nescafe Tarik too.

Last but not least, they also have a variety of ice creams and fruits too. It is so good to end our night with the sweet delights for the day.

The Special Buka Puasa Buffet Deal is priced at RM 99+ per person ( Applicable 1st and 4th Week of Ramadhan 2012)
Berbuka Puasa Buffet at RM 115+ from (Applicable 2nd and 3rd week of Ramadhan 2012)
You may also opt to purchase the Berbuka Puasa Voucher priced at RM 900 nett ( per table of 10 persons)

For reservation , contact 603-2161 1111 or email [email protected]

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* Pork Free


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