Puzzini Swedish Pizza is a small restaurant located at Damansara Utama which is along the dessert streets where you can find Chatime, Black Ball and more. The resturant which covers with the variety of delights at the reasonable price is indeed worth to visit for a meal as well. The restaurant itself is well setup in the commercial square and the place is well decorated with bright orange and chequered walls which brings the cozy environment to diners.

We had start off our meals with the Potato Grating which is indeed the speciality of the shop itself. The potato slices and onions are being baked with cream, cheese as well as herbs. It is then topped with the extra layer of herbs is indeed a heavy meal though. Though the portion is not a big one, but it is indeed a filling meal as well.
Price: RM 15.90

Aside from the Potato Grating, we are also served with the Fish Grating Med Skaidjur. This is alike the potato grating but it is a seafood based. This is where the white fish, shrimps, are baked together in the dill sauce and it is topped with a lot of cheese. It is then being served in the baked mashed potoes and coleslaw with it.
Price: RM 23.50

How about having some pizza now? Pizza Karl Gustav is one of the Sweeden top selling pizza for the past decade. Punzini is bringing the delights to be served in Malaysia where the pizza is being served with the beef kebab, lots of cheese which is topped with the spicy kebab sauce as well as the fresh tomatoes and the thin fresh raw onions and black olives on top. The pizza is served in thin crust which had create the fragrant and crispy meal indeed.
Price: RM 21.80 ( Regular) & RM 27.80 (Large)

Another will be the Punzzini pizza which is the house made recipies. The punzinni pizza comes with pineapples, onions, mushroom and capisym. It is being toast together with the choise of marinated chicken or beef pepperoni.
Price: RM 19.00 (Regular) & RM 25.00 (Large)

Last but not least, you may tried the Smaka Pizza as well where the meal is being served with the shredded chicken, fresh chilies and parseley oil with it.
Price: RM 19.00 (Regular) & RM 25.00 (Large)

Puzzini Swedish Pizza
58, Jln. SS 21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Selangor
Tel: 03-7727 8600

FB Page: Puzzini Swedish Pizza

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 11.00 am – 3.00 pm, 5.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 11.00am – 10.00pm

Punzini also offered the service of delivery if you are too lazy to go out. FOOD PANDA is one of them where you may have your order with just a few click at your PCs and there is no more worries of hassle and parking. Sit back and enjoy your movies at home and your pizza will be delivered at your doorstep. To order just logged to FOOD PANDA website and get an account and do your food ordering.


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