The restaurant is located directly opposite Tune Hotel located on Jalan Sultan Ismail, this restaurant is definitely very easy to spot from the road. Housing one of the best hidden secrets of Japanese cuisine, Mikan Japanese restaurant has a team of 15 chefs led by Chef Machi who has 4 years’ experience trained under the renowned Chef Saito of Nadaman, Singapore. Chef Machi believes that good food doesn’t come at a high-price, but with the best ingredients he works with – a philosophy derived from the aim and goal to lead every patron to a new culinary experience, promising a lavish gastronomic experience. We are being served with the Omakase style of having our dinner. The word “Omakase” in Japanese means “I’ll leave it to you”. This the expression is used at sushi restaurants to leave the selection to the chef.

We started our meal with the Salmon Skin Salad which is really authentic and good. The salmon skin is well done with crispiness as well as the fresh salad to come with it. The salad was well furnished with sweet bites of cherry tomato with it.

Next we are being served with 2 types of sashimi in the box which is the tai and the salmon. The both tai and salmon is well made with perfection which is where the texture of the sashimi is good and it is fresh. Both the salmon and tai is well cutted and served with the freshness of it. The tai is well made with covering them with the chicken floss to have them to be more tastier too.

Next we had the Kaisen Korage which is the Seafood croquette. The fried croquette is being stuffed with lots of seafood which included scallops, prawns crab meat, green soya bean and topped with home made thousand island. The seafood croquette is well made with the perfection and the thousand island sauce which comes together with it is really special. The seafood croquette is soft in the inside and crispy in the outside.

The next dish will be the Tai Soup where the soup is so sweet where it is cooked with the snapper inside. The Tai Soup is well made and with the clear noodles to accompany with it is indeed special. The clear noodles are alike udon but it is also slightly like glass noodles. The texture of the glass noodles are smooth and the snapper is fresh and we can taste the sweetness of the soup which is from the snapper.

King Prawn in Truffle sauce is one of the specialities of the restaurant too. The fresh king prawn is being sliced to half and it is added with the Truffle Sauce. The king prawn is being pan fried till perfectionist with the sweet bites from the prawn meat which makes is good. I like the added aroma that the white truffles sauce gave the prawn and also the bit of char-grilled smell.

Anago Terriyaki is another speciality of the meal. The sea eel is one of the items which is very special where we can hardly find sea eel in many restaurants. Aside, it is being served together with their homemade teriyaki sauce which gives us a even more perfectionist style of food. The teriyaki sauce is well made with not too sweet taste and the texture of it is good too.

We also have fried oysters where the oysters are big as well. This is an additional complementary from the restaurant. The oysters is big as well as it is well fried as well it is fresh.

We ended our meal with the sweet bites which is the Japanese ice cream with Butternut Pumpkin. The green tea ice cream topped at the top with the pumpkin as well as red bean below makes the whole desserts good.

Price : RM 100++ for the whole meal/pax

Mikan Japanese Cuisine & Bistro
G11, Maju Junction Mall
1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2691 1001
Fax: +603 2691 1002


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