IT’SYOOOGURT time and this round we are in Penang. It seems like the frozen yogurt crazy is now in Penang as well and we went to have out frozen yogurt from the shped named IsYogurt. The yogurt shop is located at the basement of 1st Avenue. They serves a variety flavoured yogurt like strawberry, original, blueberry and more.

Besides having the different taste of yogurt, they do also have the choices of the top-ups to choose like peanuts, berries and more. The choices are quite a lot where you can add them into the desserts itself to add more flavors. So, if you are a yogurt lover, hop to IsYogurt to have a cup of the frozen yogurt iof your choice.

And here is mine blueberry yogurt with some toppings on it.

Price: RM 6.90/ 100 grams
LG-09, 1st Avenue Mall,
Penang , Malaysia
Tel: 012 9688 033 ( TAN SU PEAN)


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