Comida’s tagline is admirably brash: “The Way We Like It.” It s situated at Solaris Dutamas, the place is still fairly new but rest assured, Comida is pretty easy to find. Comida is one of the outlet which is located at the same row with Joseph@ Kitchen.

The restaurant is well decorated and the environment iis simply cozy and the place it is a place for relaxation though. The restaurant is famous for its pizza and also its liquor. The outlet also boasts a good wines selection as well as starters, salads and appetizers.

We started of with the Prawn and Aubergine Tapas which is simply special. This is where the prawns and aubergine are being sauteed with garlic and added together with their special Chilli Paste. It is served together with their Homemade Baguette. It is well made with a slight spiciness and a nice match for a starter.
Price: RM16.00

Mushroom Tapas is where the 3 choices are being mixed together which is the Shitake, Button and Oyster Mushroom. Then it is being sauteed with garlic in a thick butter sauce served with Comida’s Homemade Baguette.
Price: RM 11.00

Coming to the maincourse, it is simply the pizza time. They serve us with the BBQ Chicken Pizza. The lovely signature pizza where the chicken is being grilled together with the onions and served with the melted Italian Mozarella Cheese and their Homemade BBQ sauce. The pizza is simply special which is real thin crust with plentiful of ingredient on top of it.
Price: RM28.90

Peppershrooms Pizza is a 4 types of ingridients which are Pepperoni, Onions, Capsicums and Mushrooms. It is being served with their melted Italian Mozarella Cheese. The pizza kinda special and the overall taste is good though.
Price: RM31.90

One of the famous and recommended pizza will be the Hell’s Pizza. This is where the Pepperoni, Jalepeno and Chilli Flakes are being served with melted Italian Mozarella Cheese
Price: RM28.80

Pesto Rocket Chicken is one of the thumbs up and special pizza indeed. The pizza which is where the Grilled Chicken and onions are being prepared with their homemade Basil Pesto and served with melted Italian Cheese and Rocket Salad with Balsamic Vinegar
Price: RM32.90

Stagioni Pizza which is so called the 4 seasons of pizza in Italy. The pizza which comes with 4 choices of ingredient which are the Turkey Ham, Pepperoni, Olives and Mushrooms served with Melted Mozarella Cheese.
Price: RM32.50

Comida Burger is theier signature burger indeed which is being prepared with own patty. They are using the150gm Patty between their homemade bun and julienne Lettuce and sliced tomato with onion marmalade and pickles topped with Mushroom Crostini to have them perfect. The texture is slightly different from those beef burger in the restaurant as it texture is alike fish cake but with the beef taste. It is also served with the 3/8 skin on Straight Cut fries.
Price: RM21.00

We also get to try their Bacon Burger where it being prepared with the same patty as the Comida burger except it is topped up with 2 slices of Bacon instead of the Mushroom Crostini. It is also served with the 3/8 skin on Straight Cut fries.
Price: RM 20.00

Cheese Burger is where the beef patty is being served with the iceburg lettuce, chender cheese in between their honmemade buns and served together with the 3/8 skin on Straight Cut fries.
Price: RM 19.00

The creamy pesto prawn pasta is where the handmade pesto cream sauce is being sauteed with the fresh Tiger prawns and olive oil. It is finished with the cream and the parmesan cheese on it.
Price: RM27.00

Comida Depostre is one of the classical desserts not to be missed. The desserts is being filled with Chocolate and served with  their homemade Chocolate Fudge Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream
Price: RM12.00

Creme Brulee is another dessert with the homemade custard and a caramalized sugar top.
Price: RM9.00

Tropical Punch is a combination of Orange, Mango & Pineapple with Ice
Price : RM 8.00

Spanich Fiesta is a combination of Milk, Pineapple & Monin Coconut Syrip Shaken with Ice
Price: RM 8.00

Chocolate Dream is a combination of Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Shavings and Milk
Price: RM 9.00

Virgin Mojito – a combination of lime,mint, and brown sugar muddled and shaken.
Price: RM 9.00

Price: RM 6.00

*Pork Free

* For Red Card Holder, you are entitled for 30% off and max of 1 pax.
Not applicable on Sunday. Applicable to use on Public Holiday.

(*Promotion not applicable on Sunday and booking in advance is needed. Please mention Red Card if you are using them and the maximum of 1 pax is allowed for this promotion)
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D2-G3-1 Solaris Dutamas
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Hartamas/ Mont Kiara,

50480 , Kuala Lumpur,

Tel:03 6211266


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