Is a craze now in town with the Frozen Yogurt. After I had tasted them in Penang and now in Klang Valley I notice the blooming of the Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt business. I tried some places which include Crumbs which serves nice Yogurt too.

This round I am in Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt. Moo Frozen Yogurt is located at the Gardens and is on the same floor as the famous Zanmai Sushi.

I spotted the big “Moo ..” and the cow that was standing by the store. There are a few flavours to be chosen and t is seasonal. They have cinnamon flavoured yogurt and more as well. As for the toppings, they have over 15 choices of topping to be chosen from chocolate flavored, sunflower seed, strawberry flavor and more

I am having my original frozen yogurt with the Peach Jam with it. The frozen yogurt is said to be served with fresh yogurt & fresh milk, contains live ABT culture, low fat & sugar with high calcium & protein. A healthy dessert indeed,
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 9.90

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt
Lot T-K02, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Kuala Lumpur.


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    hi…. im just wanna asking about whether you supplier the yogurt only or not? if yes, how the deal? which you will send it and how about the price??

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