-The Inside View-

We are being invited by Ivy Kam to have a review at Simply Mel’s. Simply Mel’s is a family-run restaurant serving homemade Malaccan food. In its modest interior which exudes a cozy, homely ambiance, Simply Mel’s greets you with Beng Naki Kumi, which is Kristang for ‘Come and eat!’The restaurant is well located at The Sphere and you can find ample parking space there as well. The dishes are homely taste and the best of all is I love the style of cooking with their sambal, cincalok and anything to do with the chilli and spices. This time, we are invited to have a try on their festive food tasting for the upcoming Christmas.

We started of with Karing Karing. It is the starters of the meal and the crispy style of ikan bilis doesn’t taste too salty and it’s really crispy. It is one of the famous Malacca Portugese Delicacy with the deep fried crispy Silver Threadfish.
Price: RM 6.90

Next we had the Chicken Seybah. The Chicken Seybah is very special indeed. It is served with the tender slices of chicken braised in a sticky sweet sauce. It is served together with Mel’s mouthwatering chili with it. The chicken seybah is normally served during festive and it is indeed a great nice meal to have with the spicy chili comes with it. It is served together with “tau pok” and cucumber.
Price: RM 60 (served 6-8 pax)

Next we had the Devil Curry. The Devil Curry is a debal curry with is served with chicken and fried potato. It is cooked in fiery gravy of chilli, onions, and galangal, lemongrass and mustard seeds.
Price: RM 70.00 (served 8-10 pax)

Feng is a MUST for Christmas and it Is the combination of spiced mixed meat dry curry. It is cooked with ox tongue, liver and belly.
Price: RM 45.00 (served 2-3 pax)/ RM 85.00 (served 5-6 pax)

– The Whole Pie View-
– What you find inside-

We are also served with the Galinhia Pie which the hearty pie is being served during the holidays. The homemade pie is made with their homemade shortcrust pastry with a cinammon clove stew filled with chicken, meatballs, macaroni,potatoes, cabbage, carrots, green peas and egg, a What I love the most is the soup is alike sup tulang. The portion is kinda big and it is very delighting.
Price: RM 50(served 2-3 pax)/ RM 80.00 (served 5-6 pax)/ RM 120.00 (served 8-10 pax)

Mel’s Festive Sambal Prawns is where the fresh prawns are being pan-fried with the tangy spicy chilly paste.
Price: RM 25.90 (Regular) /RM 36.90 ( Large)

– The big portion of The Roast Chicken (either with sage & onion stuffing or Mama Mercy’s Bake Bean stuffing) –

Mama Mercy’s Roast Chicken with Meaty Baked Bean & Onion Stuffing is where Mel’s mother Mercy made this every Christmas! Roasted chicken marinated in 2 kinds on dark sauce & honey, stuffed with baked beans, mince chicken & onions.
Price: RM 180.00

– The Roast Lamb with Rosemary, Honey-Mustard & Gula Melaka-

We had the roast lamb in Honey, Mustard and Gula Melaka where the lamb is roasted to perfection with the layered of potato/gratin
Price: RM 250.00

Aside we are also being serbef with the Acar chili which is the traditional Malaccan delights where the pricked chili is stuffed with dried papaya.
Price: RM 16/bottle

Now we are going for our dessert time. We are being served with the famous delights from their kitchen.

Aside, we get a try on the Sugee Cake which the texture is spongy and tender.

Mel’s Rich Fruitcake is where the cakes is full of fruits and spongy cake is a MUST during festival season. The cake is well made with the nice texture and is indeed a great sweet bites.
Price: RM 70 ( 600g) / RM115 ( 1kg)

We also tried the Mel’s Pineapple Tart which is using the fresh pinapple to make them
Price: RM 25/jar

Mama Mercy’s Golden Syrup Jelly is a jelly which is made from Kaffir Lime Leaf.The texture is smooth and the taste is simply my favorite.
Price: RM 25.00 (whole)

Pulut Hitam is another dessert not to be missed to complete the meal. The pulut hitam is the black glutinous rice served with coconut milk and it is very special as they loaded it with longans.
Price: RM 5.90

Sago Gula Melaka
Price: RM 5.90


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Mango Laici

And WHY wait? Have your booking ASAP with Simply Mel’s for your memorable Christmas Meal with friends and family.
BONG NATAL ( Merry Christmas) !

Simply Mel’s Restaurant
Unit 1-1A, 1st Floor, The Sphere,
No. 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South,
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel No: +603-2241 4525
E-mail: [email protected]
Business Hours: Mon – Sun (10:00 am – 10:00 pm)
GPS Coordinates: 3.11142,101.66748

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