Hainan Town Restaurant is one of my latest visit during my trip back to Penang for my company trainning. The restaurant is themed as “Nyonya and Hainanese” delicacies where I can find lots of my mum’s cookery there. It is located by the jetty at Weld Quay where you can enjoy the sea breeze, watching ferry passing by, Church Street Pier and QEII. Hai Nan Town Nyonya & Hainanese Restaurant, riding on the success of their first outlet in Sungai Nibong, started their second restaurant in Tanjung City Marina when it was completed in 2006.

The Four season of the meal comes with the authentic spring rolls, sambal udang with kacang botol, taufu with century egg as well as lemon chicken. The dish is well made and special in look where we can have a taste of many special foods in a plate. The spring roll or more commanly known as ” Choon Pneah” among the Hokkiens is really nice and juicy. Itincludes crab meat, prawns and etc. The Spring Rolls were fried to perfection and serve with the special sauce which I love the most.
Aside the sambal udang with kacang botol is indeed very special where you can taste the crunchy sambal with the kacang botol and is slightly spicy, The taufu with century egg is nothing special and sames goes to the lemon chicken which is moderate in taste.
Taste: 4/5

Curry Fish and Squids is more towards the asam taste. The squids is kinda big in size and the fish is kinda fresh. The taste is soury in taste and not really spicy. It serves with generous amount of bunga kantan, onions as well as lady fingers.
Taste: 4/5

Lamb curry which is well made to perfection and the meat is tender. The curry is very thick as well.
Taste: 3/5

Jiu Hu Char taste common to me as I am still in love with my mum jiu hu char. The jiu hu char is not really delighting due to the texture where the mengkuang is shredded rather than than hand cut.
Taste: 2/5

Otak otak is a mixture between fish paste, chillies, garlic, shallots, turmeric, lemon grass and coconut milk. The mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf that has been softened by steaming. The otak otak is well steamed and made and the fish meat is also very fresh
Taste: 4/5

Kapitan chicken is my favorites where the curry is thick. The chicken is made to perfection and mix with the thick curry which is not much spicy.
Taste: 4/5

Asam prawns are not really up to par as I could not even feel the asam taste when I grab a bite of the prawns. The prawns are fresh but just not much of Asam taste
Taste: 3/5

Taste: 3/5


Hai Nan Town Restaurant
Address: 8A, Pengkalan Weld, Penang.
Tel : 04-263 8633
Opening Hours:11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm – 11.00pm
GPS: 5.414577, 100.343311

Another branch:
Hai Nan Sungai Nibong
25, Lebuh Nipah 5
Sungai Nibong
11900 Penang
Tel: 04-644 4633
Opening Hours:11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm – 10.00pm

Close On Monday

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