Is Finally UP UP UP. The 3rd Putrajaya International Hot air ballon is finally here again during the last weekend from 18 -20 March 2011. Here I am again this year and get a chance to go inside to enjoy the actions of the people setting up and how the air ballon goes ups..

This year what special. I think is daraemon… Taking many pix but will post some here for sharing. enjoy!!

– The hot gas pumping into the balloon to make de ballon goes UP!!-

– He is checking “EVERYTHING OK?”

– The rainbow colors of the balloon-

– On his way go UP and UP!!-

– Two Ballons in Action.. who is going up more?.. but 1 is terbalik flying le”

-OOps a Reflection? NO.. is one of the ballon TERBALIK lioa…”

– Here comes the star of the day “DORAEMON”-

– The scene-

– Please don leave me .. i wanna fly with you-

– The colors of ballon…=

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