Gurney Plaza had a new opening for a local shop which reminds me of my childhood ice cream deal. Not McDonalds but that local square ice cream with lots of flavor is back to town. The shop which is not opened long is selling this ice cream is a big mall here.

What they have? Red Beans, durian, sweet corns, vanilla, cempedak and more had been a choice for us to try. The price is cheap. RM 1 for each sticks of the ice cream. The ice cream which we had is t cempedak and Durian Ice Cream..

The creamy delighting ice creams are creamy and the taste of the fruits is simply a pure one. A cheap one and yet as nice as many good branded ice creams in town. I am loving it.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 1.00

KCB Traditional Ice Cream
Basement, Gurney Plaza Old Wing

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