The food court is located in Ipoh Garden and there is a large of variety to choose. An ample parking space food court. It is open for breakfast as well as dinner.

Curry Noodles- The curry noodles are one of the famous stalls in the food court. The noodles and the curry were great and it is also quite spicy. Aside it is well serves with shrimps.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3.50

Duck Noodles– The noodles is having the “kan shui” smell which is where it makes the noodles taste weird. The duck meat was not tender and is very hard to munch.
Taste: 0/5
Price: RM 3.00

Char Koay Teow – The fried koay teow is slightly dry and it seems like overcooked as well.
Taste: 0/5
Price: RM 3.00

Western Food– It is serves with ham, bacon, and bread as well as egg. The portion is still acceptable but the taste is not too nice and delighting
Taste: 1/5
Price: RM 5.00

In Ipoh Garden

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