Restorant Yew Kee, Tanjung Tualang

Tanjung Tualang which is just 40 minutes drive from Ipoh is one of the famous place for its freshwater seafood at dirt-cheap prices! There are loads of seafood restaurants there but make sure you choose one which is air-conditioned as you don’t want to sweat (and swear) a river as you indulge yourself in good seafood.

The one which is recommended by the locals there is the air- conditional restaurant and it is one of the best in the town. Jerry’s aunty who is the locals there brought us to this shop and according to her, we need to get a booking earlier in order to have our meals. The restaurant can only accommodate about 10 tables and there I know why we need to make our booking earlier. According to her, food here is nice and price wise is cheaper.

We started our meal with the refreshing coconut water which is a toast from the heaven. The delighting coconut water and the good smells of the coconut making me to have another one of it.

The meal had started with the kam heung prawn. The prawn we ordered are those middle size prawns which looks so big to me. Cant imagine if it a large one what will it look like. The big head prawn which are fresh prawns are being cooked with kam heung making the meals a perfect combination. A not too spicy delighting meal together with the Indian leaves makes the overall taste even perfect. Be careful of the tiny chilies!! Once you make a munch with your prawns and the tiny chilies, it will burst your hair up straight. The kam heung taste is making the prawns even a perfect match.

Our order is the Taufu with Braised Pork. The taufu is actually the specialist from the cook where the taufu is a homemade taufu. Together with the sauce and the braised pork on top, the meals make a soft combination. The taufu when you put in the mouth, it will melt on your tongue. The hot and soft texture of the taufu is a really delighting meals to taste of.

We also ordered the nyonya curry fish head. The taste of the curry is with the thick curry paste and the fish is less. Looking at it, the meal is served hot but the portion is a bit too small. I could not even grab a taste of it, but it is already gone. Perhaps the curry is too tasty or the portion is small.

Next will be the deep fried soft shell crab. Nothing special on the soft shell crab as it is nearly the same where we took in those Japanese Restaurant.

A not to be missed dish and is my favorite which is the Nestum Prawn. The prawns which are deep fried and cooked with the nestum together with egg makes the meal a perfect match. The nestum was so much which covered the whole prawn and there is a lot more makes the meals over delighting and I kept thinking of the seafood when I make a move. The prawns are really delighting where the prawns are big, fresh and juicy.. Gosh, I am dying into it already!!

Another order will be the fried petai with chilly. The dish where the petai is those small tiny one and it will not give bad breath when you had them. The petai is well cleaned and the portion was reasonable. The delighting dish is making us dying on it where the chilies is simply burning our lips with the petai combination with fresh prawns.

As for vegetables, we ordered a simple choy sam which is simple and yet nice. The choy sam is well cleaned and the vegetables are sweet. Emm.. yummy.

Overall the meal is making us in love with it and our mind keep drooling on the meal and planning on the come back for the food when my salary and commission is out. Hope can get a day to bring my parents for this delighting combination on the food. A food I will always think of till I am now dying of having them.

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 224.70
1kg prawns: RM 60; 1 kg softshell crab : RM 38

Food Type : Non-Halal

TEL: 05-3606 686
GPS LOCATION: N04⁰ 19.578’ E101⁰ 3.324’

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