Wa Yan Dim Sum, Puchong

Wa Yan Dim sum is said to be one of the famous dim sum in Puchong. After our journey to Putrajaya, on the way bac, we went for a try in this shop. This shop is recommended by Carolynn on the dim sum and other delicious food. So, we went for a try. As we were late, there is not much alternative food you may find . Just left some of the delights only. The food overall taste is delighting and is fresh. The dim sum I can say is full with the ingredient and the taste of it is simply temptating and i love them a lot

We ordered some which are the dim sum, sui kao, Hongkie style chee cheong fan and more. The dim sum all are served hot and the taste is really delighting.

Other than that, we also make an order for the custard pau which is really nice and delighting. The taste is not too sweet but the taste is amazing.

An order of the fried wan tan is also very nice where is served hot and there is big prawns in it as well.

Last but not least is the Lo Mai Kai. Both Carol and dear gave a thumbs up on the delighting lo mai kai which is full with ingredients like mushrooms and chicken meat. The taste is simply delighting and yummy. And the price is cheaper than Fu San in Ipoh.

Dim Sum: 5/5
Chee Cheung Fan: 4/5
Custard Pau: 5/5
Lo Mai Kai : 4/5

Dim Sum: RM 3.50 / plate
Chee Cheung Fan: RM 4.00
Custard Pau: RM 3.50
Lo Mai Kai : RM 4.00

Wa Yan Dim Sum
No 10-10-1, Jalan Puteri 1/,
Bandar Puteri , 47100 Puchong
Tel: 03-8063 2598
( Behind OCBC Bank & same row with Old Town White Coffee)
GPS Location: N301.560 E101.36.957
Business Hours: 07:30 am till 4:30 pm
web: www.wayandimsum.com

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  1. makaner says

    honestly this is one of the best dimsum shop in puchong..sadly i heard it somehow change name and relocated in another area, i no idea which part of puchong…
    Wa Yan name is also a nice name as it represent Chinese in Cantonese… all the best to Wa Yan (if u still exist) :(

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