Kura Japanese Restaurant @ One World Hotel

This trip we went for a try in Kura Japanese Restaurant. The restaurant is under the same management as Rakuzen. Kura Japanese Restaurant Kura reflects the genius of Japanese cuisine with an exquisite mix of rare treasured delicacies. Sushi, sashimi and tempura favourites are just the beginning, with a superb menu to tempt the adventurous.

This is our first visit to there.. while Strawberry Gal make the second visit there after a visit during one of the company dinner. As so, we went there to get a bite of Japanese cuisine there again. This time, we had our set meal there.

Sushi + Mini Udon is Carolynn choice of meal for the day. The meal comes with a small udon which is simply delighting and a combination of sushi and a chawamushi. Other than that, you also can find a soup there as well. Carol love the meal so much and it is full after the meal.

Grilled Silver Cod Fish Set ( Gindrazen) was my choice that night. The set meal as usual comes with tidbits, a soup and a chawanmushi as well. The delighting fresh cod fish which comes with salt makes the meal perfection. A less bone fish which I love the most! The cod fish are well grilled and the overall I can say is a delighting one

The set for a Sashimi + Yakizina set is also our choice. There are a few choices of fish to be chosen which including Sanma and Saba. The Saba fish will be fewer bones while Sanma is more. Our order comes with Sanma where the taste of the fish alike ikan kembung. The meal was delighting but taking out the fish bones is indeed taking much effort. The overall taste is quite nice.

Overall the meal is delighting and the service was also a good one.
Sushi + Mini Udon: 5/5
Grilled Silver Cod Fish Set (Gindrazen): 5/5
Sashimi + Yakizina set: 5/5

Sushi + Mini Udon: RM 42.00
Grilled Silver Cod Fish Set (Gindrazen): RM 42.00
Sashimi + Yakizina set: RM 45.00

* All price does not include the 10% service charges and 5% government tax

** IBM-ers get a 10% discount!!!

Kura Japanese Restaurant
One World Hotel,
First Avenue,
Off Dataran Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama
Tel : (03) 7726 9660
Mobile: 012-326 9690

Opening hours
11.30am – 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm – 11.00pm (Dinner)

Web: www.superdining.com.my

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