Qing sui wan,Teluk Intan

Qing Sui Wan, Teluk Intan is a place where you can have a nice delighting food as well in Teluk Intan. Though is a small town but you can find a lot of local delicious food and delighting one as well.

One of the place for delighting ikan panggang and sate is here.

Ikan panggang here had becoming me and dear favorites. In here, we prefer to take sting ray to BBQ rather than other fishes. The sting ray is being bbq and then it is added with some spicy curry sauce on top of it to make it taste nicer.

Other than ikan panggang, the sate is also very nice. The sate here is served hot and the meat is tender. Comparing some stalls at the pasar malam, there is a slice of oil in the middle, the sate do not have them and is truly fully chicken meat. There are also other varities for customer to choose like beef, goat or some they have rabbit meat as well.

Lastly, a not so recommended popiah is also available here. The popiah here is dry style popiah and besides the normal ingredient like vegetable, mengkuang and the carrot, the popiah here is also added with some fried tiny prawns.

Overall, is a truly nice delighting dinner here.

Ikan Panggang ( Sting Ray):5/5
Sate: 5/5

Ikan Panggang ( Sting Ray): Depends on the size. Mine is RM 12
Sate: RM 0.40 each
Popiah: RM 2.00

Qing Sui Wan,
off Jalan Changkat Jong
Teluk Intan, Perak

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