A dine in Ferringhi Garden, Batu Ferringhi

This was my first time to Ferringhi Garden, to my surprise, this place turned out to be much better than I had expected. A place which I felt I am inside a forest. Haha.. The place is definite a romantic place and this place is recommended by my best friend Hun Pin. He brought me and my bf to this authentic beautiful place for a dinner.

A place which is filled with lots of tropical plants and a feeling you are having them with the greens. Sink yourself into Malaysia’s tropical rainforest now!!

The building is divided into 2 part. The back part is like a lounge/mini bar where the front part is mainly the restaurant with outdoor and indoor seating and outdoor mini bar as well. With the mini waterfall at the side of the restaurant and the dim light ambiance around the restaurant, it is certainly a great and romantic place for couple.

The service is really good and the food menu is various. You may find from western, to Chinese and to Thai as well. Our meal had started with an order of the Waldron Salad. The delighting salad which comes with fruits, kismis and also some walnut included on it.

The meal also comes with the garlic bread which taste delighting and yummy. Love the taste of it.

Next will be the prawn cutlet which is HP order. Not a big portion of dining. There is a few prawn cutlets and served with fries and salad in it. According to HP the meal here is superb and delighting as well.

Next come Chicken Chop. It is the Hainan’s Style Chicken Chop which is serves is fried chicken with the Hainan’s mushroom sauce as well as fries and salad. The delighting taste of the chicken chop makes it a superb deal. I love the sauce so much and the delighting fries. The chicken taste is a bit hard but overall the taste is real nice.

The next one will be mine delighting which is the Pineapple Fried Rice which is coming on the way.. The fried rice which is serves on top of the pineapple. Oops.. is half pineapple. The fried rice is serves very nicely and the taste is simply superb. Portion wise is not too much and taste is simply delighting.

We unable to get the snap shot of the smoothies and the environment as our camera is already out of battery. Sad.. sad.. sad.. but we can say the food and environment and services is like a 5 star hotel. A delighting place for meal and nice environment

As for food price is also reasonable as well.


Waldron Salad : 5/5
Prawn Cutlet : 5/5
Chicken Chop : 4/5
Pineapple Fried Rice: 5/5


Waldron Salad : RM 14.80
Prawn Cutlet : RM 25.80
Chicken Chop : RM 25.80
Pineapple Fried Rice: RM 13.80

* All price stated are subjected to 10% service charge and 5% government tax

11000 PENANG
TEL: 04-8811193
FAX: 04-8811195

*Directions – After Parkroyal Hotel, take the first right turn into a narrow lane. Drive until you reach a T-junction. Turn left into the car park entrance. The main entrance of the restaurant is directly opposite Yahong Art Gallery.

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