Family Dinner @ Ocean Green, Penang

Went back Penang and this time, I brought mum and dad to Ocean Green for a dinner.I had not been there for ages ever since 3 years ago. The restaurant is situated along the Northam Place where you can enjoy the breeze of the coast of Gurney Drive. Is a good and nice place for holding wedding dinner as well as family gathering.

Since it just four of us for the dinner, we plan to have something simple. We ordered four dishes for this time which have the famous authentic Spring Chicken, the Fresh Nestum Tiger Prawn, the Salted Fish Fried Kailan and a Kerabu Bean Curd.

The Spring Chicken is said to be one of the famous dishes. It is a yet simple dish where the spring chicken is being bbq and served hot. This meal is yet simple without fancy sauce and is delicious.

I love to have prawns in a sudden which had caught my mind of ordering the Fresh Nestum Tiger Prawn for a try. The prawn was fresh and is was fried together with Nestum. The taste was really authentic and nice. The combination of the dish makes me eat more rice this time.

Other than that , we also ordered the Salted Fish Fried Kailan. The dish is not something special and taste wise is normal.

Lastly, is the Kerabu Bean Curd in which the Bean Curd is being fried and served with Thai Sauce and Kerabu. The beancurd was simply soft and mouth burning as well . The taste of it is really delighting and is a big thumb UP for this.

If you are planning to go on weekends, it is advice to do a booking to assure on a table for a nice delighting meal.

Spring Chicken: 4/5
Fresh Nestum Tiger Prawn: 5/5
Salted Fish Fried Kailan: 3/5
Kerabu Bean Curd: 5/5

Spring Chicken: RM 20
Fresh Nestum Tiger Prawn: RM24
Salted Fish Fried Kailan: RM 12
Kerabu Bean Curd: RM 12

* Price listed are subjected to 5% service charge and 5% government tax

48F, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang
Tel: 04-2262681/04-2274530
Fax: 04-22636094

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