Makan Makan @Wong Kok, Gurney Plaza, Penang

Wong Kok is a place which is famous among Penang people for its pastries. But this time, we are going for its dishes. After our photography session, is time for food and we don know what to have and headed for Wong Kok. HP, dear and me was looking at the menu and lets see what we had ordered.

Dear was ordering on the Portuguese Fish Baked Rice. The fish baked rice was nice and delicious. It is where the rice is baked together with the cheese and with the authentic Portuguese Sauce which make the rice even more delicious. The overall taste i can say is simply authentic and nice. To compare with Kim Gary, the taste is nicer and more cheesy.

HP ordered the Seafood Rice Set which is not bad and the taste is also quite nice. The waiting time is a bit longer. Taste wise is still considerable not bad.

As for me, I ordered the wantan mee which is a disappointment for me compare to my last time having them a year ago. I can say the wan tan does not taste nice as it is too much pork inside.

Portuguese Fish Rice: 4/5
Seafood Rice set :3/5
Wan Tan Mee: 1/5

Portuguese Fish Rice: RM 13.90
Seafood Rice set : RM 10.90
Wan Tan Mee: RM 7.90

* Prices does not include 10% service charges.

Wong Kok,
LG Gurney Plaza Old Wing

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