Birthday Dinner @ Ko Fu Loft (口福樓) , Gurney Plaza

Ko-Fu Loft is a place where you can find the authentic dim sum.. and this place is actually so called the ex- Food Loft which was in Gurney Plaza some time ago. The place where i used to have my mango delights there.. a big bowl of mango craving at here.


It is now turned to Ko-Fu Loft which is named in chinese- a similar of “hau fook” which is have a chance to taste the tasty food. This time, is my first time to enjoy this delicious yummy food at the authentic shop at Gurney. Its my first time there and taking this opportunity to celebrate my beloved boy friend birthday.

We went thru the menu and I found out that there is some similarity on the food between Ko-Fu Loft and Food Loft.. Em..not saying on the food, the service is not really good and the waitress who served us is not polite at all.

So while waiting for the food, we snap some of the pics of the restaurant.

Not talking on the service, food variety is quite a lot. What we ordered? We had ordered the nice and authentic nice food there. For me , I ordered the recommended meal from the menu which is the spicy ramen. The ramen was well fried with the fresh prawns and seafood. It is not that spicy as well.

As for dear he ordered the chicken rice. Towards him, the rice is not bad and the overall taste is nice as well inclusive of the tenderness of the chicken meat .

We did order the ala-carte set which is Kong Poh Mantis prawn. Emm.. this one, I still prefer the one I took in Teluk Intan as it is more crispy. But for this one, the taste is still ok.. not too bad to taste it. The mantis prawn was not bad as well is overall is very delighting.

As for drinks , I din order anything special which is just a normal ice lemon tea and dear ordered Dragon Fruit Smoothies. The taste was nice. I can say is a delighting dinner except for a poor service given. Haiz

Spicy Ra Men: 4/5
Chicken Rice: 4/5
Kong Poh Mantis Prawn : 3/5
Dragon Fruit Smoothies: 4/5

Spicy Ra Men: RM 10.90
Chicken Rice: RM 8.90
Kong Poh Mantis Prawn : RM 10.90
Dragon Fruit Smoothies: RM 7.90
Ice Lemon Tea: RM3.90

Ko Fu Loft,
170-04-59, Gurney Plaza, Penang
Tel: 04-2295011
Fax: 04-2294011

Operation Hours:
10 am – 10 pm (weekdays)
9 am – 10 pm (weekends)

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