Wan Tan Mee & Jiew Hu Eng Zhai @ New lane

One of the nicest place for nice yummy food is in the hawker paradise which usually I love the most. Not talking on the price it self, I can say the hawker food sometimes can be nicer than high class restaurants.
This time we went to have wan tan mee at New Lane. ( Jalan Baru)

It is a place which you can find almost everything of Penang delicious famous food here. So, this time we had a try on the wan tan mee. The wan tan mee here taste nice as what I like their wan tan is kinda big and the mee is ok. They served with 5 wan tan which is quite a lot for me. The portion is not too big as well. A nice one to taste .

Other than the wan tan mee, you can grab a taste of the cuttle fish. The cuttle fish is not bad n taste. The cuttlefish is added with sauce as well as some grained groundnuts. Overall the taste is not bad and delighting. A nice place or food.

Cuttlefish: 3/5
Wan Tan Mee: 3/5

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